Take in one of the most surreal adventures the world has to offer.  No hustle and bustle, no social media, no 24-hour news... just you connecting with nature.  Or, connect with friends, new or old and pack a cooler, fishing gear and head out to tame elusive sportfish in absolute tranquility.   

HawkEye Fish Finders and Portable Depth Finders are the perfect addition to any kayak or canoe package.  Accessorize them to your adventure and always know what lies beneath.  From water depth to bottom contour, composition and structure to air and water temperature, one unit does it all.  So, the next time you want to forget about work, traffic, kids and life, load up the kayak or canoe, pack it light, put your ringer on mute, and don't forget your HawkEye Fish Finder or Depth Sounder.  If you have any questions, visit our support site at support.norcrossmarine.com and search our knowledge base to see how other users are finding serenity on their kayak or canoe.