It’s a warm spring evening and you're alone on a desolate lake. The sun is beginning to set, casting a soothing hue across the water.  Although the evening is as perfect as you've ever seen, you did not come here to admire the sunset. You came here to quietly stalk your favorite prey, and they have no idea you're right on top of them.  By its nature, fishing from a float tube is easy, inexpensive fishing that does not require all the equipment and expenses of boat fishing and allows you to get right on top of the fish, without alarming them.  HawkEye Fish Finders and Handheld Depth Finders are right at home onboard your float tube.  Our specials strap mounts allow for easy mounting of our FishTrax Finders, without the added load of a traditional boat mount fish finder.  Our handheld depth finder allows you to check water depths and temperatures with the flip of a switch.  Regardless of which you'll choose, we're confident the portability of our float tube systems will not slow you down.