TradeUp™ to the Most Versatile Marine Electronics in the World

We are so confident that once you try our depth finders, fish finders and fish scales, you will never give them up. To give you an incentive to see for yourself, we’re offering first-time purchasers our exclusive HawkEye TradeUp program. FreedomClub™ members who are first time purchasers can trade ANY… yes ANY… fish finder, depth sounder, or electronic scale, produced by ANY manufacturer, and receive 25% OFF towards the purchase of a NEW HawkEye product. Click Here to complete the application.


What type of products are eligible for the 25% OFF Credit and the "TradeUp" deal?

Any NEW handheld depth finder, fish finder, depth sounder, or electronic fish scale.  Sale, specials & recertified items are not eligible.  

Does it have to be made by HawkEye?

No, any manufacturer's product will be eligible.

Does it have to be in usable condition?

No, we'll extend this offer for any fish finder, depth finder or electronic fishing scale, in any condition.

How Do I Send My Device Back for Credit?

We make it simple and cost-effective. Once we receive your TradeUp application and remit payment for the TradeUp all you have to do is pack the device up ship it to us using the carrier of your choice.  Once we receive the device, we'll send you an invoice payable online for the TradeUP™ product and shipping.  

What products do I get 25% OFF on?

You will receive 25% off the purchase price of any new HawkEye® product from our website Sale & refurbished items are excluded from this offer.

Will shipping costs affect the value of my TradeUp?

Shipping costs added to your TradeUp for certain destinations can sometimes reduce the net value of your TradeUp.

Who is eligible to be TradeUp?

Anyone, however, the program is limited to one TradeUp per household.

 Click Here to complete the application.