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You Break It...We Fix It...

Here at HawkEye Electronics we understand that life is hectic, sometimes stressful, and there is never enough free time.  The last thing you need is a fish finder or depth sounder adding to life’s displeasures.   That’s why we’ve created the "You Break It… We Fix It…" Warranty. 

FishTrax™ Series

One FishTrax™ fish finder does it all, from any platform for all four seasons... It's time to take control of your fishing adventures with the go anywhere, do anything HawkEye FishTrax fish finders.

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DepthTrax® Handheld Series

Featherweight, Incredibly Easy, Very Effective... The DepthTrax® Handheld Series are the most versatile handheld depth sounders ever produced.  Not only will they produce instant depth readings, but they also deliver air and water temperature readings, all in the palm of your hand.

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DepthTrax® Boat Mount Series

What makes the DepthTrax® Boat Mounts the best selling depth finders in the world?  The answer is: Because they flat out-perform...

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SonicLaser™ Series

Our digital fishing scales are unlike anything you've ever seen before.  Using no moving parts to wear and effect accuracy, our fish scales display precise fish weight to the nearest oz.  An integrated laser guided, ultrasound sensor produces touch-free length readings as well.  No more handling fish to get an accurate length reading. 

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From transducers to mounting brackets, to float tube kits, to transducer cable extenders, to kayak track mounts....we have it all. Search our Parts and Accessory store to find what you need