20-Years Of Excellence

In Sonar Technology

For the past 2 decades we've painstakingly refined our SONAR technology, enhancing efficiency across all fishing platforms and helping protect vessels from accidental grounding.

FishPod® Series

Turn your smartphone or tablet into an easy-to-use fish finding device in seconds.

FishPod® 5x

portable Bluetooth Fish Finder

Transform your Smartphone into a Fish Finder with this application-based SONAR device, compatible with both iOS and Android. With over 20 years of marine electronics experience packed into a castable, pocket-sized bobber, you'll always know what below the surface..

fishpod 10bx

boat mount bluetooth fish finder

Experience elite angling precision with the FishPod 10BX! This advanced Bluetooth fish finder easily mounts to your boat, delivering real-time, smartphone-integrated insights into fish locations and underwater structures. With the FishPod 10BX, enjoy the freedom to move around your boat while continuously monitoring your sonar data.


The HawkEye® FishTrax™ fish finder is a versatile tool designed to operate in all seasons and across any fishing platform. Whether you're fishing from watercraft, pier, or ice fishing in the winter, it's adaptable to your needs. It's high time to seize control of your fishing adventures with the FishTrax™ fish finder – the epitome of flexibility and readiness to meet your fishing needs... anytime... anywhere...


Portable Fish Finders

Utilizing our exclusive TraxMount™ Mounting System the FishTrax™ 1C is the most adaptable fish finder in the world. This compact handheld device employs SONAR technology to determine fish depth, gauge water temperature, and map the bottom contour. Whether you're on a motorboat, a kayak, or ice fishing in winter, it's your go-to device.


Paddle Sports Fish Finders

This kit integrates the FishTrax™ 1C with a adaptable mounting bracket designed to fit most kayak track mounts seamlessly. It can also be affixed to any paddle sport vessel or boat using the included track mount, ensuring versatility across various watercraft.


What makes the DepthTrax® series the best selling depth finders in the world?  The answer is: Because they flat out-perform...


Boat Mounts

For avid boaters seeking a cost-effective yet robust and dependable boat mount depth finder, the DepthTrax® Boat Mounts are an ideal choice.



No matter where your next adventure takes you, the DepthTrax® 1H provides unprecedented insight into water depth and temperature, at the flip of a switch, in the palm of your hand...


  • This was an excellent choice to replace the existing in dash depth finder. Very easy to install and works awesome.

    — Daniel G
  • My color kayak fish finder works wonderful.  It shows bottom contour, weeds and rocks.  It gave depth and temperature and marked fish wonderful...

    — Larry L
  • Perfect fit for my old transducer that I broke when I accidentally cut the wire. My 15 year old depth finder works better than ever.

    — Tess C