Using a HawkEye DepthTrax Handheld Depth Finder on a Personal Watercraft (PWC)

 HawkEye DepthTrax Handheld Depth Finder


Personal Watercraft (PWC) are a fantastic way to explore water bodies, whether it's a lake, river, or the open sea. However, navigating through unknown or shallow waters can be risky. That's where a handheld depth finder like the HawkEye DepthTrax comes into play. This device can be a game-changer for PWC enthusiasts, offering real-time depth readings, temperature data, and more. In this blog post, we'll explore how to use a HawkEye DepthTrax Handheld Depth Finder on a PWC to enhance your water adventures.

What is a HawkEye DepthTrax Handheld Depth Finder?

The HawkEye DepthTrax is a portable, battery-operated depth finder designed to provide accurate and real-time information about the water depth. It's a versatile tool that can be used on various watercraft, including kayaks, fishing boats, and PWCs. Some of its key features include:

- **Real-time Depth Readings**: Provides depth readings from 2.5 to 600 feet.
- **Temperature Sensor**: Measures water temperature.
- **Fish Identifier**: Some models come with a fish identification feature.
- **Backlit Display**: For easy reading in low-light conditions.

Why Use a Depth Finder on a PWC?

1. **Safety**: Knowing the depth of the water can help you avoid running aground or hitting underwater obstacles.
2. **Fishing**: If you're using your PWC for fishing, a depth finder can help you locate the best fishing spots.
3. **Exploration**: For those who love exploring new water bodies, a depth finder can provide valuable information to guide your journey.

How to Get Started with the HawkEye DepthTrax on a PWC

Materials Needed

- HawkEye DepthTrax Handheld Depth Finder
- Batteries


1. **Read the Manual**: Always start by reading the user manual to understand the device's capabilities and limitations.
2. **Insert Batteries**: Open the battery compartment and insert the required batteries.
3. **Power On**: Turn on the device and familiarize yourself with the buttons and display.
4. **Calibration**: Follow the instructions in the manual to calibrate the device for accurate readings.

Using the HawkEye DepthTrax While Riding

1. **Turn On the Device**: Before you start your PWC, turn on the HawkEye DepthTrax.
2. **Hold the Device**: Keep the device in your hand as you navigate.
3. **Monitor the Display**: Slow down to an idle, place the DepthTrax 1H into the water.  
4. **Adjust Your Course**: Use the information to adjust your speed or change your course as needed.

Tips and Tricks

- **Regular Updates**: Make sure to update the device's firmware for the latest features and improvements.
- **Battery Life**: Always carry extra batteries, especially for long trips.
- **Maintenance**: After each use, clean the device with fresh water to remove salt and debris.


The HawkEye DepthTrax Handheld Depth Finder is an invaluable tool for anyone using a Personal Watercraft. It enhances safety, aids in fishing, and makes exploration more informed and enjoyable. With easy setup and user-friendly features, it's a must-have gadget for your next water adventure.

Happy Riding!