How Many Ways Can You Fish?

How Many Ways Can You Fish?

Whether you believe fishing is a sport, or just a hobby, fishing requires patience, dedication, and a lot of skill! You’ve probably gone fishing once or twice, or maybe even 103 times, but chances are you are dedicated to one or two types of fishing. Just how many types of fishing are there? Have you even heard of all of these?

There are several methods and techniques depending on what type of fish you want and where you want to catch them. We’ve lumped some into explanations below.

so you can get a little taste of how many different ways you can catch your dinner out in the open waters!

  • 1.Inshore and Offshore Fishing

On the most basic level- there is inshore fishing and offshore fishing for anyone just looking to fish in a local lake for fun. The main difference between the two, which might be a little obvious, is the depth of the water you are fishing in. With inshore fishing you can fish right from the side of the lake, on a bridge, or in shallow water. While offshore fishing consists of going deeper into the water, which usually requires a big fishing boat. Meanwhile, you can walk around the lake or have a small motorized boat to have a fun day inshore fishing.

  • 2.Fly-fishing

Fly-fishing can be performed anywhere as long as you have the right equipment. While you use a regular fishing rod for your everyday fishing adventures, you use a fly rod and fly line equipped with artificial flies (resembling insects on the fish’s dinner menu), when you want to fly-fish. Technique is everything, and considering fly-fishing is a light-weight method to fishing, you must master the art of your cast in order to properly carry out this technique.

  • 3.Ice Fishing

Who said you can’t fish in chilly climates? A true fisherman will fish wherever there is a lake abundant with fish! Ice fishing is unlike any other type of fishing considering it is performed under challenging conditions. First, you need an ice auger to cut a hole through the ice, then you need a special rod called an ice fishing rod that is specifically designed to fish straight down into the little hole you have broke through. Specially made for ice fishing, a tip-up is used so you do not have to hold the line the entire time. Its name comes from the sense of it tipping once a fish has bitten onto your lure, enabling the flag upon it to signal you once you have made a catch! Ice fishing is a fun activity and every fisherman should experience it at least once.

  • 4. Bottom fishing

Looking to catch some fish at the bottom of the sea floor? The method of bottom fishing will help you catch fish like grouper, catfish, or red snappers. Bottom fishing is a fishing technique in which you use a heavy fishing sinker to reach the bottom of the floor with the hook an inch up from the weight. This allows the fish to grab on and get hooked once it feels the weight. The hook and weight combo will help achieve a firm grasp on the fish, so it can stay put on its journey from the sea floor, up to your boat.

  • 5.Trolling

No, we are not talking about the internet, we are talking about fishing! Trolling is a little challenging because you are not stagnant in one location. Your boat is actually moving while you are trying to catch fish. As the bait is moving along the edge of the water, it looks a little more attractive to the fish since they believe the bait is alive and moving with the current. Dragging the bait amongst the surface of the water attracts bigger fish, making it more of a challenge to keep them on the hook.

  • 6.Jigging

Jigging is a newer technique to fishing. It involves dropping a jigging lure to the bottom of the water. Once it reaches the bottom, you want to pull it back to you in a jigging motion before dropping it to the bottom once again. This jerking motion catches the attention of bigger fish around you. They may think the fish is injured and come over for a little snack. You can continue this motion in each direction until one fish is hungry enough to fall for your tricks!

These are just a few methods and techniques to conquering the sport of fishing. Every one of these is a fun and exciting way to catch fish. Make sure you have the right equipment to find the fish and the right rods to catch them according to the method you are using. Practice all these methods to find which one works best for you and let us know which one was the easiest, the most challenging, and the most successful. Happy fishing!