HawkEye Electronics Makes Game Changing Fishing Tech for Anglers New and Old!


During the COVID-19 era more and more people are trying new things and enjoying new hobbies. Fishing is no different as many people are taking to boats and frozen lakes to enjoy the age-old sport of fishing. It is extremely important to have quality reliable gear when it comes to fishing. Whether you are fishing from the shore, a boat or on the ice “Greenhorns” or "Newbies" and veterans alike trust HawkEye Electronics for everything from fish finders, depth finders, scales, and event boat mounts. Gear and Tech make a difference, but fisherman need to think safety first when taking on an unpredictable lake or ocean or planning an ice fishing trip.


Stay Safe
If you are heading out on a frozen lake for some ice fishing or hitting the ocean you should always have a partner and you should always make friends or family aware of your trip. That way if you get stuck or lost somewhere your family and friends will know where to start looking. Also, be sure to always bring a phone and/or a radio just in case. You also want to pack efficiently. Make sure to bring extra clothes in the event you get wet or if temperatures drop unexpectedly. A first aid kit and enough drinkable water for you and your party along with all your fishing gear are must haves.

Pre-Check to ensure safety.
Before you leave for your trip, maybe even the night before the trip…check what you have packed and check again. Aside from warmer clothes, water and communication devices check to make sure your battery chargers are charged and working, check your car engine and battery as well as the boats battery and engine, if taking a boat

Mother nature dictates your trip.
Weather should always be a deciding factor when setting out on any type of fishing trip. Not only can weather change quickly on a lake or in the ocean, but it can also change the way your target fish feeds. In turn this would affect the area you fish, the depth you can find fish at, the bait you may use and most importantly the safety of your group. Bad weather can even affect navigation devices and depth finders. Bad weather and people new to fishing do not mix well.

Depth finders are important.
For those heading out for Ice fishing this season do not forget to bring Hawkeye’s DepthTrax 1H Depth Finder. The DepthTrax 1H is the most accessible, reliable, and affordable handheld Depth Finder. The depth finder puts DepthTrax Sonar Technology in your hand and enables you to point at the ice to measure depth. When in a boat or canoe you can even point down through the hull for depth readings. The DepthTrax 1H Depth Finder is perfect for any level of fisherman.

Depth finders are important when ice fishing because the thickness of ice is different in different parts of a body of water. Experienced users can use the DepthTrax 1H to estimate the thickness of the ice as well as the depth of the bottom of a body of water. New and old ice fishing need to be extremely cautious when setting up to ice fish. Each state actually has “Ice Thickness Recommendations,” that all fishermen should abide by.

The The FishTrax 1Xi is a must have.
Skilled fishermen should take a good look at The FishTrax 1Xi Ice Fishing system that has been outfitted with The IceShack canvas enclosure. The IceShack cover is made specifically to withstand ice fishing conditions. The FishTrax 1Xi Ice Fishing system includes mesh storage pockets, waterproof anti-skid feet and an easy to grip handle. Mounting pad and additional mounting cups are included and can be used on a variety of applications with no external battery. The FishTrax 1Xi Ice Fishing system was engineered for fishermen looking for sophisticated features to pinpoint the best fish habitats.

Ask the Locals!
It is ok to ask locals for advice about where the good fishing spots are. Just be sure to show respect when approaching another angler. They just might not always give up their special spot. Asking about safety and the local’s experience in a specific area is important as well. They may have an understanding of natural ice movement or currents under the ice. The National Fish and Game Commission advises all fishermen to avoid ice fishing where there is fast moving water. Ice fishermen have been pulled under and swept out to sea in many instances where safety was not a priority.

After picking the perfect spot be sure to use a quality well maintained Auger, or ice drill. It is easy to cut ice if you have the right tools. Some fishermen use a chain saw; others use the safer auger option. Make sure the blades are sharpened as dull blades can put an end to your day and crack the ice. Checking the condition of your auger or saw should be a checkpoint on your pre check routine.

Disaster - Rescue Practices
On the water or on ice emergency practices include the use of a first aid kit, rescue, knowledge of how to drive out of danger, and how to effectively communicate with rescuers in the event you become lost or stranded. The United States Division of Wildlife recommends that Ice Fishermen should always carry ice picks or a set of screwdrivers and a rope of some sort that will float and be easily accessible. These items can be used if you fall through the ice. The focus of a rescue plan where a member of your group falls through the ice is to prevent Hypothermia after getting him or her out of the ice and freezing water. This can be attained by remaining hydrated, eating high‐energy food and by dressing in layers using the closet layer to the skin to wick moisture away from the skin to stay dry. These few directions can save a persons life. Even if you are uncertain, you or the person who fell should be rushed to the hospital after any event where hypothermia is a possibility.

All members of your fishing group should be aware of and approve your disaster response and rescue plan. In addition to these disaster response items you need to protect your valuables, identification/vehicle registration, phones, and radios. Waterproof bags and cases equipped with floatation devices are affordable and work well both on the ice and the water and are easily retrievable.

If you are new to fishing or a grizzled veteran with a trophy fish mounted on your wall you know not every fishing trip pans out the way you wanted it to. HawkEye Electronics fishing technology is gear you can count on every time and every trip. From fish finders to boat and accessory mounts, depth finders and scales, HawkEye has a product that will make every fishing experience a prosperous one.