Fun Ways To Fish

Fun Ways To Fish

Float Tube Fishing

One challenge with fishing lakes, is accessibility. Thick bushes surround the lakes makes them quite difficult to be accessed from the shore. One way to mitigate this is with the use of float tubes.

Also known as a belly boat, float tube is inflatable fishing gear. It is the ideal way to gain access to the water with the use of its flipper feet.

Why Float Tube Fishing?

The advantage of float tube fishing comes with the fact that you can fish the shorelines that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.
It is an extremely relaxing way to fish. All you need to do is prepare, ensure that you dress warmly and purchase the right float tube.
Fishing from a boat, is easy. It is a less costly fishing method since you don’t require all the requirements and costs of boat fishing.
Consider purchasing HawkEye Fish Finders and Depth Finders for your float fishing activity.


Ice Fishing

What better way to spend your winter than ice fishing? It is a whole new level of fishing experience like no other. You don’t have to get bored when you have a chance to catch mouth-watering fish you can enjoy with your family or friends.
Ice fishing involves cutting a hole in the ice and drop your line hooked with the bait. The fact that fish finds it harder to feed with frozen lakes, they quickly fall for your bait.

HawkEye ice fish finders should be your companion during this adventure. Putting optimum utilization of state of the art fish finding technology, it offers you an ultimate way to ice fishing. Be sure, therefore, to go through their ice fish finders and depth sounders to get what you need for your adventure.

Shoreline Fishing

Are you a person that doesn’t fancy deep water fishing? Then shoreline fishing is what you need. With this, you get to spend more time on the shore. Shoreline fishing doesn’t require much of an investment as in the case of boat fishing.
Many quality opportunities come with shore fishing. When you consider places like ponds, marinas, among others, you are likely to be more successful than with boating. Shoreline fishing is the ultimate way to spend time with your angling feet on the ground.

With little effort, you are in a position to catch more fish, all you need is patience.
What to make your shoreline fishing experience fun and worth remembering? Make sure to use a HawkEye Fish Finder. Get to enjoy the flexibility of their FishTrax Series and FishPod Series. With this equipment, you get to experience the thrill that comes with shore fishing.

Tips For Shoreline Fishing

1. The fact that fish can easily detect movement, ensure to distance yourself from the water's edge.
2. To have proper access to fishing spots, consider casting parallel to the shores.
It is wise for you to mimic wild prey. It means that you should consider the kind of food that attracts the fish in its natural habitat.
3. Pay attention to areas covered with weeds, trees and stumps for fish love to hang around vegetation.

Pier Fishing

Are you looking for an outdoor activity that is simple, fun but yet pocket-friendly? Pier fishing is the solution. By using the correct bait in combination with the right timing, catching big fish becomes easy. It is a better way to share time with your family while catching fish for your next meal.

Jon Boat Fishing

When you are dealing with freshwater fishing, but yet the accessibility is limited, you should consider Jon Boat Fishing. They come with various brands and are unsinkable vessels for fishing. It makes it easy for you to navigate in the water and find fish.

The advantage that comes with this kind of fishing is that the boats are quite durable, cheap and very practical. You also get to improve both your boating and fishing skills.

Activities To Enjoy While Fishing

Aside from fishing, there are other fun and fulfilling activities that you can take part in the process.

Canoeing And Paddle Sports Kayaking

It is an activity that involves paddling a canoe using a single-bladed paddle. Canoeing can be a sport, recreational activity or even competition.
The significant difference between canoeing and kayaking comes with the position of the paddler. While canoeing has a single-bladed paddler, kayaking is double-bladed. It can be a thrilling experience, especially when dealing with rapids or surf. If you combine canoeing with fishing, it becomes ideal for any enthusiast.

Fishing from a kayak can be quite a challenge. Once you master the technique well, this is going to be an adventure worth trying. If you are a first-timer, you should consider sitting on the board as it gives you more balance.
Consider carrying fishing gear in your canoe or just use special fish finders. The point is that you want to combine both family time and fishing.


It is an adventurous activity that is increasingly gaining popularity across the globe. Paddleboarding is a fun activity that goes hand in hand with fishing. You get to have a thrilling experience that will be worth your time.
So what does paddle boarding involve? It is an activity that includes a giant surfboard and a single-bladed paddle. It works with you propelling over the water in a way that the water waves carry you.

Before setting out to paddleboarding, you must have all the gears you will need. You can decide to sit on a paddleboard or stand and fish.

Pick the right equipment and gear, which includes paddleboard, paddle, electronics and a life jacket.

Tips To Having An Ideal Fishing Adventure

1. Ensure that you bring the essentials for your adventure, determined by the kind of activity that you are planning.
2. Bring the right fishing gear. There are some vital fishing necessities that you cannot do without. Consider having a rod and reel, depth finder, fish finder to help you locate the fish. HawkEye Electronics has you covered for this.
3. Get to know that fishing gear brands make an enormous difference to your experience. HawkEye products, for instance, are designed to accommodate the needs of everyone. They are reliable products you should consider since they have been tested in the lab and the water.


Fishing is such an adventurous activity, especially when you have the right equipment. HawkEye offers you the ultimate fishing gears to provide you with a thrilling experience.

What differentiates the ancient world and the modern one is the use of technology. Fishing keeps getting better with the many innovations and electronic gadgets. HawkEye offers you a wide variety of excellent fishing gadgets you can use to upgrade and enhance your fishing experience.