Fishing and Boating Electronics


If you're like me you enjoy many different types of fishing. There is freshwater fishing, deep-sea fishing, fly fishing in freshwater just to name a few. I'm sure if you have done some of these types of fishing you know what I'm talking about.


Here we will examine most of the different fun ways in which you can fish. Boating will also be included in this blog. You will be able to come away with at least some knowledge of fishing and boating. that you haven't done and get some idea on how to do it. You will have the time of your life learning different methods on how to use bait or use lures to land your prize catch.

Along with fishing and boating, it's almost useless to mention that electronics will be involved. It's synonymous with today's society. You will find that electronics in a very integral part of modern-day sport fishing, boating, etc.

Fly Fishing

You'll find this sport to be one of the most difficult to perform, on the other hand, it can be the most rewarding. A good amount of skill is involved in casting the rod with what is called a fly on the end of the fishing line. A fly is a device or thing that mimics the look of a bug. You'll be fishing for trout. There are different spieces of trout also.

It is floated or cast on the surface of the water in a mountain stream or lake. It is mainly used in a stream. You will drag or retrieve the fly by cranking the reel so that it moves across the water. The idea is to make the fish think that it is a bug that has fallen in the water. Fish see this and think it's a meal.

If the maneuver is executed correctly, the fish goes for the bait and you catch the fish. You'll find this to very thrilling as trout are really good fighters and tricky also. This type of fishing can be done from the bank of the stream, but most usually it is performed from within the stream. The pole is about 8 feet long. This is to help with casting the light-weight fly.

Your equipment will be.. a set of wading boots that go all that way up to the top of your legs. A fly vest that holds a small box of flys and a small multi-purpose knife. Attached to the vest a small trout net will be clasped to the vest. You would wear a wide-brimmed hat for shade against the Sun. You will see after you try it and are successful at landing a trout how exhilarating it is.

Next Up: Bass Fishing

Bass fishing or spin fishing is another fun sport fishing that can be a real kick in the pants. Now when you say Bass fishing, it means that you are really going especially for bass. Spin fishing is when you would use a spin caster reel. It is usually an open-faced reel with what is called a bail. The pole is about 6 feet long. This allows the fisherman to cast along tight places along the bank.

When doing this type of fishing you can either be in a boat or on the bank or in what is called a float tube. The later is really, really fun. A Lure is used in this type of fishing. Its name says it all. "Lure" that's just what it does.

It is similar to the fly but is larger and bulkier. It usually mimics a small wounded frog or fish. It can also just be a bent piece of metal that spins in the water. This spinning action reflects the Sun in a flashing motion. This flashing attracts Bass, Crappie, and Sunfish or Bluegill.

The theory behind the fish biting at it is that they perceive it as another fish in thier territory. You will find that these aforementioned fish are very territorial. You can have a lot of fun with these fish also.

How it is Done

In order to catch these fish as mentioned before, you can do it off the bank, in a boat, etc. First, we'll look at off the bank. Approach the edge of the river from the bank and don't make any noise. Fish can feel the vibration of your voice. Stay on the edge. Look for any logs or branches of fallen trees that are in the water as Bass and other fish like to hide there.

Cast near these logs and branches. This is where honing your skills come in. You have to try and not get your lure stuck on these branches and snags. It can be fun and frustrating at the same time. You might see a fisherman or what is called an Angler get so angry he throws his rod and reel into the river.

Boats and Boating

The different fishing methods mentioned earlier can be done from a boat with the exception of trolling for trout. This is slightly different, but similar. The idea is the same sort of. While trout fishing in a boat you will use a lure that can be made up of a combination of red beads a flashing spoon on the end with a hook.

Trolling is when a boat is idled along in a lake at a slow speed. The lure is dragged alongside the boat. The lure again mimics a fish invading the trout's territory. These trout the are in the lake are usually what is called "planters", meaning they are grown in a hatchery and then planted in the lake for recreational fishing.

Sometimes, however, you will catch native wild trout. The planters are easier to catch. This is because the wild trout have been exposed to the ins and outs of the wild and are wiser so to speak. The planters have been in the hatchery and have not had to really fend for themselves. Fishing for Bass off of a boat is slightly different in that the boat is usually stationary. The fisherman cast from the boat to the weeds or coverage.