DepthTrax 1H Handheld Depth Finder Tech Tutorial

DepthTrax 1H Handheld Depth Finder

The Depthtrax 1H is an ultra portable and versatile handheld sonar system. Not only will this depth finder give you instant depth readings, from 2.5 to 300 Feet, in 1/10th precision, also with the slide of our waterproof switch, the display will give real time air or water temperature readings

In this video we will go through some of the many ways this sonar device can be used.  However, it must be noted that there are environmental conditions that affect all sonar devices and will prevent them from functioning properly.  

SONAR, no matter how advanced, cannot travel through air.  During use, there must always be a water tight bond between the sonar sensor and the water.  

DepthTrax 1H Handheld Depth Finder

The DepthTrax 1H’s transducer face has to be in constant contact with the water for it to produce depth readings. 

SONAR also needs to be in an open body of water such as a river, lake or ocean. It will not function in a swimming pool, a bucket or any small tank. The walls of a pool or container cause the SONAR signals to excessively reverberate and will produce false or no readings. 

Now lets talk about how to use the Depthtrax 1H. Let me begin by explaining how a depth sounder works.  Greatly simplified,  a depth sounder is just a combination of a speaker, microphone and stopwatch.  It transmits a sound pulse from the sonar sensor, and then measures the time it takes for the “echoes” to return to the sonar sensor The depth sounder "knows" that the speed of sound through water is about 4800 feet per second. A built-in microprocessor then organizes all of this information and displays it as a digital depth readout that you and I can easily read.

ultra portable and versatile handheld sonar system

To obtain depth readings you will need to place the face of sonar sensor into the water.   Remember, as previously discussed, SONAR will not travel through air and cannot be used in pools, buckets or containers.  

Make sure to hold the device perpendicular to the bottom. Next, slide and release the waterproof switch. The current water depth will be displayed. The depth will continue to update while the device is in the water. If the device is unable to obtain an accurate depth reading it will display dash lines. Once removed from the water the last recorded depth will flash for 20 seconds before the unit will shut down.

Your Depthtrax 1H also has an integrated temperature sensor built into the sonar housing. To obtain temperature readings while in Depth Reading Mode, slide the waterproof switch back and release. The display will show the current temperature. The temperature sensor is on the side of the housing next to the slide switch.  The placement of this sensor will dictate whether you are receiving air or water temps.  Keep in mind that the sensor can take up to 30 seconds to adjust to extreme temperature changes.


The Depthtrax 1H‘s advanced sonar capabilities allow it to “Shoot-Thru” the bottom of a boat, canoe, kayak, etc. The hull must be made out of solid fiberglass, or a maximum of ⅛ inch thick aluminum, and be in direct contact with the water, with no air pockets. The device will not work through wood, plastic, or any composite material.

To “Shoot-Thru” the Hull of a Boat, Do One of the

Following: Place the transducer in .5 inches of water against the hull bottom. Coat the face of the transducer with petroleum jelly and press it against the hull bottom. Or, Place the transducer in a plastic bag that is full of water and place against the hull. Please refer to our website for more advanced instructions.

The Depthtrax 1H can also be used for ice fishing. It will allow you to see the conditions under the ice before spending time augering your hole. To shoot through the ice clear away snow to expose clean ice. Place a small amount of liquid water on the ice and set the transducer on the water. If there are any air pockets between the device and ice, or the water below the ice, the device will not work properly and will require you to try another spot, or cut a hole in the ice to use the device. 

The DT1H is waterproof to 150 ft , allowing you to use it as a range finder for snorkeling or diving. Keep in mind that the sonar signals must be directed at a solid surface that is within 300 ft to display distance readings. ALWAYS be certain to attach the Wrist/Safety Strap to your person, as the device will float to the surface if released.

HawkEye’s proprietary DepthTrax Sonar Technology

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