A Beginner's Guide on How To Get Started in Kayaking


Recreation in water involves many activities such as sailing, fishing, water skiing, rowing, canoeing, and kayaking. Kayaking is one of the everyday activities that people engage in during camping and fishing excursions. This is a paddle sport that involves the kayak rider moving across the water. What distinguishes this boating activity is the sitting position which is different from the rest. Compared to other water activities, kayaking can be regarded more as leisure than an activity that involves competition. Just like any other boating activity, there are essential basics you need to understand to get started.


Benefits of paddle sport kayaking

There are many surprising rewards that you can achieve through kayaking

• Increases body muscle strength
The use of the paddles to navigate through water would be a great way to develop muscle strength in the upper part of your body. Paddle boarding is the best method that paddlers use for body toning and growing legs' muscle strength.

• Muscle endurance
Starting in any energy-demanding activities can be challenged before your body adapts. Through kayaking which balances out your strength, your muscles get toned for any other kind of activity.

• Burns calories
Just like swimming, kayaking can be the best exercise for your weight loss. The best thing about it is that paddlers find it more fun; therefore does not pressure you like the rest of weight loss programs.

• Prevents cardiovascular diseases
Most health professionals recommend exercising at least three days per week. This eliminates any excess fat in the body; this is one of the causes of cardiovascular-related diseases. Through paddle sports kayaking, your whole body is entire involved therefore keeping your body fit and healthy.

• Reduces stress
Engaging in water-related activities can be therapeutic for your mind. It helps release anxiety and makes both your mind and body feel recharged.

Types of kayaking

For a beginner, it is essential to have a comprehensive breakdown of what kayaking involves and the types of kayaking.

1. Surf kayaking
Compared to white water kayaking, surf kayaking involves the use of kayaks that are made of fiberglass. The properties of these kayaks allow the paddler to easily switch from a high to a low pace, which is best suitable for beginners. It is recommended for one to go for sit on tops kayaks for your safety.

2. Sea kayaking
Sea kayaking requires the paddler to keep paddling to keep up with the flow of the water source. Sea kayaks are designed as the best boating vessels for they turn quickly; this would be a great advantage when handling the activity on a river. Their stability on the base makes it easy and adjustable when paddling.

3. Kayak fishing
Despite the aim to have fun, kayaking can be an excellent way for you to catch fish. The fishing kayaks are designed in a similar way to vessels used for float tube fishing. The whole design of the fishing kayak offers an excellent environment to attract and capture fish.

4. Squirt boating
A squirt boat gives the paddler the ability to try out different types of sailing. This is because the kayak is made so that almost three-quarters of it submerge in the water. This makes it easy for the paddler to engage in underground paddling. This would be the best method for ice fishing which can be best carried out in frozen water bodies such as lakes.

5. Kayak touring
This is a paddle sports activity whose kayak is quite upgraded than the other types of kayaks. The touring kayaks are made a bit wide to allow the paddler flexibility, especially when paddling for long distances. Kayak touring does not require turning, which is accommodated by the kayak's long feature. It makes it easy for the paddler to go through the waters in a straight line.

Important gear you need to have for kayaking

There are different things that you need to have for kayaking to make the activity successful. This includes boating gear, personal gear as well as the correct type of clothing.

1. Kayak
Choosing the correct type of kayak for this boating activity should be determined by the kind of kayaking you want to engage in. There is a wide range of kayaks that need to be chosen carefully, which ensures that it fits in the environment you are headed out for.

2. Paddler
This refers to the individual required to control the kayak. One should be fully equipped and understand all the rules needed to excurse in the surrounding. There should be an extra paddler too by the shore if the initial one needs help or guidance.

3. Dry bag
There are different types of dry bags designed for boating, and they are made so that they are sealed tight to keep phones, clothes, and other types of personal equipment dry. This is must-have gear for everyone engaging in boating since maintaining dry things is what most people find challenging.

4. Floating device
This is a safety gear that should be top on your list, and it is advisable to get all types of floating devices that can be of help in case of danger. Ensure that you check on their condition before kayaking.

5. Swimwear
It is always essential to have jackets designed for water activities. They should be water-resistant as well as reflective. This is to alert another paddler of your existence, especially if there is no enough light in the water source that you are kayaking in.

6. Headlamp
Some people regard kayaking at night as fun; without much lighting, a headlamp attached to your forehead would be the best lighting device to carry along. It is essential to carry extra batteries for your headlamp since they can get exhausted at any time. Always ensure that the light produced by the headlamp is of the right size and has enough light for the water activities.

Safety tips for kayaking

• Understand the type of environment that you are in and choose suitable gear. You need to be very conscious of what you wear since most of the time you will spend in water can cause diseases such as pneumonia.

• Be well comprehended on the offshore winds, making it challenging for the paddler to turn back and return to the shore. If you ought to do kayaking as a team, you can consider shoreline fishing or pier fishing until the winds are calm. This type of fishing does not require a boat but standing by the shore and carrying out the fishing activity.

• It would help if you were sober and not under any influence of drugs or medication. Most of the paddlers can attest that being in the water for the first time feels anxious, ending up drowning due to a lack of stability.

• Should someone be supervising the kayaking activities, you should inquire about the water temperatures and the probability of experiencing waves. It is advisable to stick close to the shore as beginners since the deep water can be challenging with managing the waves.

• There are several glasses of water paddling sports that you can participate in. Your camping bucket list should consist of kayaking since it offers more fun compared to other activities. Competing can be part of this activity and fishing; all you need to have is basic information regarding the spots to handle this in. Individually, investing in the right kayaking gear and ensuring that you are fit for the boating activity would make your experience more memorable.