2019 Fishing And Boating Electronics For Your Fishing Trip

2019 Fishing And Boating Electronics For Your Fishing Trip
If you are an avid fisherman or just one that is starting out, the truth is that you need the right electronic tools to make the most of your fishing trip There are a ton of different cool fishing and boating tools out there that make the fishing trip more enjoyable and ensure that you catch as many big fish as possible. Whether you prefer fishing off a dock, sitting in a johnboat out in the middle of a calm lake, or deep-sea fishing the bigger stuff in the ocean, there are some great products that will take your fishing experience to the next level and give you some real excitement to look forward too!
2019 Fishing And Boating Electronics For Your Fishing Trip


1.) Portable wireless fish finders for shore fishing and ice fishing

This is a perfect electronic for the anglers who are more often than not finding themselves fishing from the shore or the ice. It allows you to effectively find all of the fish you want no matter where you are and the high-quality sonar goes with you wherever it is that you go. Anglers can even attach the portable sonar onto their fishing pole and cast it straight into the water so they can get a first-hand look into what is happening below the water. It connects to your smart device like smartphones or tablets and displays where the fish are located so you can hook them on up.

2.) Bluetooth Earbuds and Microphones by BONX

BONX earbuds and microphones are designed to move and go with you literally anywhere that you go as they have unlimited range and do not have to be held by hand. This electronic gadget is the thing you need to help you listen to the fish underwater no matter where you are when you throw that first cast. Whether it be only you or you and a group of peers fishing together, you can listen to the fish, hear where they are, and communicate with one another so you can get on top of them and find the perfect fishing hole! It will help you communicate with you fin friends and get as many reeled onto your hook as possible.

3.) Waterproof speakers by DemerBox

No matter how avid of a fisherman you are, the truth is that waiting around for a fish to come tug on your line and get reeled in can be just a real snooze fest. Thanks to DemerBox, you can now have great entertainment that goes wherever it is that you get to go too. This Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof and water-resistant and can still play your tunes after almost anything you put it through. It is an expensive gadget but is guaranteed to let you rock out on the water for years meaning it pays for itself many times over. You can use this speaker by connecting it to your smartphone through both auxilary cords and Bluetooth connectivity meaning it can go wherever it is you want to go.
Not only is the gadget a speaker, but it is also used as a dry box for other fishing equipment that you take with you on your day out. It has more than enough space to put things like smartphones, cameras, and any other electronics or items that you need to keep safe like your wallet or watch, etc. The speaker is so waterproof that you can choose to throw it over the boat's edge and your belongings will be as safe as ever.

4.) Fishing line spooler by Piscifun

Getting your line spooled back onto your reel will take you hours of frustrating boredom if you have to do it without help. Re-spooling all the line onto your equipment has traditionally been a two-man job, if not more depending on how much fishing you plan o do for the season. However, that is no longer the case thanks to this unique gadget which winds your line back up onto your reel! With this gadget, all the process takes is you putting your reel into the reel seat the letting go and letting the spooler machine do all the hard work for you! It is an innovative product that will save you time, hassles, and a tangled up mess.

5.) Windproof Arc Lighter That is Totally Rechargeable

This little gadget is one that is affordable for almost every angler as those with basically any budget can afford it. .This lighter can give you a flame whether it is windy or raining outside or not. It can be plugged up to a USB charger so when it dies you can just get it some more juice and be able to use it all over again. This electronic lighter is a safety tool for fishermen to have onboard and can be used over and over for years to come no matter what conditions the environment throws at you.

6.) Finger Shield for fishing in the surf

If you enjoy fishing from the surf, then you also know that surf fishing gear is heavy and takes a lot of hands and arm strength which can take a toll, specifically on the finger that does the casting. This is especially true for those who practice fishing braiding instead of fishing alone. Just an hour or two of fishing on the surf can cause your casting finger to get rubbed raw, not to mention what could happen to your finger if you spend all day out on the surf. It can lead to your finger getting so raw and beat up that it will eventually crack and start to bleed. Nothing ruins a fishing trip more a beat-up hand that doesn't allow you to cast your reel. You can keep this from happening simply by wearing a casting glove that has Kevlar reinforcements. It a simple fishing glove but will keep your hand safe so you can enjoy your fishing trip to its entirety.

7.) Headgate Tippet Holder designed by Fishpond

Every avid fly fisherman needs a beautiful and functional tippet holder in their equipment box that they can take with them. This gadget is perhaps the most underrated tool for a fly fisherman's tool belt but it is well worth the price tag that it comes with because though it is small it certainly is useful. It is made out of aerospace aluminum and can hold up to seven different tippet spools at once and has a spring that makes them easy to swap out. It attaches easily to a backpack or a fishing vest so that you can fish with it hands-free. Fishing with this tippet holder makes fly fishing much easier and much more fun.

No matter what type of angler you are, whether you prefer long days standing in calm water fly fishing, getting on a boat and fishing the rough seas of the deep oceans, or if you just want to grab a johnboat and get out on the lake to kick back and catch a few fish while relaxing, you will need some good gear to help catch the fish, stay comfortable, enjoy your time, and make the day worth your while. Fishing on it own is a great pasttime, fishing with some of this top-rated gear makes it all the more fun!