FishTrax® & DepthTrax® Intelligent SONAR use sound waves to detect depth, locate fish, and define bottom contour, composition and structure. Using specialized microprocessors, these sound waves are generated by the HawkEye® display and sent to the Sonar Sensor (Transducer). The sonar sensor, acting first as a “speaker”, emits these sound waves as a series of pulses. Then, microseconds later, the sonar sensor switches to a “microphone” and listens for the return of the pulses as they bounce off of objects in the water column (referred to as “echoes”). The “echoes” are sent back to the display where, using proprietary algorithms in the DepthTrax® & FishTrax® software, they are analyzed for location, size, and composition. These signal are then arranged by the DepthTrax® and FishTrax® Human Interface Software and displayed in an easy to understand manner on the HawkEye® Display.

DepthTrax® Boat Mount Series
What makes the DepthTrax Boat Mounts the best selling depth finders in the world?  The answer is: Because they flat out-perform... Today’s high-tech, multipurpose fish finders are designed to produce a range of readings from bottom contour, fish location, and thermoclines, to a variety of other sonar data. However, the technology used to decipher between these different signals, coupled with t...Learn More »
DepthTrax® Handheld Series
Featherweight, Incredibly Easy, Very Effective... The DepthTrax Handheld Series are the most versatile handheld depth sounders ever produced.  Not only will they produce instant depth readings, but they also deliver air and water temperature readings, all in the palm of your hand.  Use them in the winter to shoot through ice before cutting your hole.  Use them on your kayak or canoe to take de...Learn More »
FishTrax™ Series
ONE FISH FINDER, ENDLESS USES One FishTrax™ fish finder does it all, from any platform for all four seasons... It's time to take control of your fishing adventures with the go anywhere, do anything HawkEye FishTrax fish finders.  With all anglers in mind, HawkEye has packed these fish finders with the ultimate fish finding features.  After one press of the power button, they instantly deli...Learn More »
SonicLaser™ Electronic Fish Scales
Our digital fishing scales are unlike anything you've ever seen before.  Using no moving parts to wear and effect accuracy, our fish scales display precise fish weight to the nearest oz.  An integrated laser guided, ultrasound sensor produces touch-free length readings as well.  No more handling fish to get an accurate length reading.  Just hang the fish's tail against the deck of your boat, p...Learn More »
From transducers to mounting brackets, to float tube kits, to transducer cable extenders, to kayak track mounts....we have it all. Search our Parts and Accessory store to find what you need. If you can't find it, contact one of our friendly knowledgeable support staff and we'll get it for you. You can always use the Online Support Center to help in locating an accessory to adapt your fish find...Learn More »
Refresh... Renew... Recertify
Save Big With Discounts Up to 75% Off of MSRP on Recertified Items A refurbished, refreshed or recertified item is an item that has been returned for a variety of reasons, many of which are not related to an item's ability to function properly.  These items have been repaired and/or tested as necessary and restocked for sale at a lower-than-retail price. Such items are no longer sold as "new" a...Learn More »