Slow Cure Epoxy Kit for In-Hull Transducer Mounting (2-Pack)

A specially designed, job-size package makes this two-part structural adhesives the most convenient and economical to use for glue in transducer applications. The handy, dual-pouch package is pre-measured to do its job one time only, reducing the waste typically associated with the use of larger quantities of two-component reactive adhesives. High peel strength epoxy 04007 is a flexible, tough and durable, vibration-resistant adhesive with high peel and shear strengths. Kit includes 2 epoxy packets, and mixing sticks.

Note:  Please review the Glue In Instructions in our support center before purchasing.

Compatible With

Glue-In Transducers

What's Included

2 Packets of Part A Epoxy

2 Packets of Part B Epoxy

2 Mixing Sticks

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