Replacement Nylon Nut and Washer for Airmar P19

Replacement nylon nut and rubber gasket washer for Airmar P19 transducers. Nut & gasket washer only; does not include a transducer.  Airmar Part Number:  04-004 & 09-452

Note: Only compatible with AIRMAR Transducers.  Unsure of what model transducer you have? Check the tag on your transducer for model information or contact our support staff and supply them with a picture and we can advise you.  Replacement nut and gasket washer only.  Does not include a transducer.

Compatible With

Airmar P19

Airmar P19T

Also Compatible with:  ST850, ST650, ST600, ST900, ST950, ST300, ST550, P7, P8, P17, P217, P314, P319, P617V

What's Included

Nylon Nut  (Airmar Part No: 04-00)

Rubber Gasket/Washer (Airmar Part No: 09-452)

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