AIRMAR® Glue-In Transducer

200W ~ 200 kHz ~ In-Hull Mount Transducer for all HawkEye® Boat Mount Depth Finders without Temperature. Accommodates a deadrise angle of 10° to 22°.

Includes 2-Pin waterproof plug for plug-and-play connection to any HawkEye® or NorCross OEM Depth Finder that does not have water temperature feature. Also includes 2-Part Epoxy for gluing in hull.  MADE IN THE USA


  • Frequency: 200 kHz
  • Hull Deadrise Compatibility: 10° to 22°
  • Beamwidth: 11°
  • Cable Length: 30 ft (9 m)
  • Cable Plug: 2-Pin Plug-&-Play
  • DT2B

  • DT1B

  • D10D

  • 1000-01

  • All NorCross OEM Boat Mount Depth Finders without Temperature

Glue In Transducer

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