FishTrax Transducer SideScan™ Adapter

Scan for fish suspended in the water with our FishTrax Transducer SideScan™ Adapter. It can attach to a standard ACEM threaded broomstick or paint roller handle purchased from a local hardware store and incorporates mounting tabs for boats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, etc mounting of FishTrax™ transducers.

Attach the sensor to a handle, lower the sensor into the water and slowly move the sensor in a manner that will allow the signal to search the desired location Scan down, sideways, or any combination of the two.


Note:  Use in a sweeping motion similar to using a flashlight is most effective.  Keep in mind the sonar signal is emitted from the base of the sensor. Pictured with FishTrax Transducer.  Not included with this mount.

Compatible With

FishTrax 1

FishTrax 1X

FishTrax 1C

What's Included

ABS Plastic SideScan Adapter 

Integrated Mounting Tabs

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