When is the Best Time to Fish?

When is the Best Time to Fish?

Just like us humans, fish do sleep (although they do not have eyelids). They sleep at night, they sleep in the daytime, and believe it or not, they take naps just like us!

It would be rude to catch a fish while he’s sleeping and wake him up, right?

So, when is the best time to fish?

Well, my fellow fisherman, it all depends on the type of fish you are attempting to catch.

For first-timers, the best fish to aim for is bass, simply because they reside virtually everywhere and are usually up and swimming about at the ideal time for fishermen- morning.

If you are an early bird, you can expect to see an abundance of trout swimming around in the early morning as well. Both Trout and Bass like swimming in warm, but not hot. The blazing sun is not at its peak in the morning time, rather, it toasts the water to get a little warmth going. When the rays of the sun beat down at a higher temperature in the afternoon, these fish tend to search for cooler waters. Stick to the morning to catch regular bass and trout!

Don’t worry if you want to sleep in on fishing day, late afternoon works great for other types of fish as well.

As the sun begins to cool down from its early afternoon heat, the fish that were hiding in cooler waters are switching direction and coming back up to the surface for warmth once again. Largemouth bass and bluegill are more likely to be found looking for this direct heat. If the temperature is a little cooler, say below 50 degrees, they will become slower and unwilling to fight for or latch onto your bait. These fish prefer warmer climates and have adapted to handle temperatures rising to almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re fishing in the middle of the day in the hot heat of summer, you can expect to catch these fish soaking up the sun and looking for a nice bite. You may even be lucky to catch some catch fish at this time as well.

Are you a night crawler? Some fish are too.

Smaller fish come out at night in search of supper based on their instincts that their predators cannot see as good in the dark. This is prime time for a fish to catch its dinner, and prime time for you to catch smaller fish. If you are a beginner, and not an early bird, this may be a better time frame for you. Practicing catching easier, smaller fish prepares you for those bigger, more rough types. Small bass fish, yellow perch, and especially crappies (a very popular fish to catch) can be some of the most abundant fish out for a night swim.

Make sure to bring a source of light in order to see the fish closer to the surface. Although light can serve as a guide for your eyes, it can only help find fish in shallow water and if you really want to find fish deep below the surface, you need to invest in a great fish finder.

Depending on what you want to catch, you should time your fishing trip accordingly.

Fishing takes dedication, patience, and a lot of time. However, the more you fish, the more you realize, as long as you have a nice cold brew in your hand and your buddies hanging around… morning, afternoon, and night are all great times to fish!