Top 10 Kayaking Destinations In The World

Kayaking Destinations
Relaxing is always a good way to relieve the daily stress of life and what better way to do that then with a nice kayaking adventure. With many locations situated around the world, you are bound to find a nice one that caters to your needs. However, if you are uncertain as to which are considered the best, then checking out the top 10 kayaking destinations in the world will be worth your time and enjoyment as you plan your next kayaking adventure.

1. Kayaking the French Alps

Regardless of the amount of experience you have with kayaking, you can expect nothing but beauty as you kayak the French Alps. First, you should start out at either Sunshine Run located on Durance or Ardeche. Both of these runs will be able to provide you with a taste of what to expect so that you can be comfortable with the way the river water works in the Alps. After you feel confident enough, then you will be able to test your abilities in other parts of the Alps located in Italy, Austria, or Switzerland. As you enjoy your croissant, you’ll also enjoy the stunning views and crisp water one comes to expect.

2. Kayaking the Slovenian Soca

Slovenia has a lot to offer kayakers as well as being given a nice amount of selfie opportunities and exercise. Begin by slipping into the clear Soca river water while soaking up the surrounding beauty. Although the Soca is Slovenia’s sole river, it makes for great paddling through its many different skill levels, making it a prime location for many kayakers. If you prefer, you can join other kayakers through a guided trip known as Soca River Experience.

3. Kayaking the Ottawa River

Head to Canada where you’ll come into contact with outstanding waves and enormous rapids that Canada’s Ottawa River can provide. Although the water is made up of sizeable rapids, they are considered safe as compared to other kayaking destinations. You will find more than one channel which provides a variety of rapid strength to give a nice challenge to any kayaker regardless of skill. If you make it out during the spring, then you will not be alone as the Ottawa becomes swarmed with many world-renown kayakers who come out to test the waters as the snow melts. In the summer months, you will experience big crowds who come out to tackle the warm rapids by either paddling or surfing.

4. Kayaking in Nepal

Nepal is centered within the Himalayas and exhibits a kayaker’s paradise that provides the most breathtaking views imaginable. With some of the most beautiful rivers and sites, Nepal truly is a site to behold. No matter which way you head, both Nepal’s Everest area or Upper Seti, you will enjoy the country setting and take in all there is as you paddle. Not only that, but the White Water Festival is held yearly, which allows you to come together with many kayakers from other parts of the world.

5. Kayaking the North Island of New Zealand

Head out to New Zealand and you will find a hidden gem that seems to be its own paradise. With many grades to choose, New Zealand is able to provide all that you wish to conquer. This is especially true for the countries North Island as you tackle the rivers running through a tree filled gorge. On the flipside, South Island is completely opposite and entertains you with hills, valleys, and a mountain range that surrounds the waterway. With New Zealand still being vast and open, you will need to hike to get to the best areas to enjoy your adventure. Depending on the location you want to kayak, you may even need to fly out by helicopter.

6. Kayaking Whimsical Norway

Every kayaker who loves big rapids will know about Norway and the many drops it offers. Besides the water, you will also have a nice taste of the fjords and coastline. No matter your experience level, you will surely find your calling in Norway. It is also important to point out that Norway is also graded with an X for its low survivability of a few of the rapids that it boasts. When you arrive, make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into before getting into the water. Plus, if you are uncertain of any part of the rapid, then you should feel comfortable enough to stop where you are and check the safety of the location before you continue.

7. Kayaking the Uganda White Nile

In Uganda, you will come face to face with the White Nile, which has continued to be well-known by many kayakers due to its spectacular waves, rapids, weather, and warm water. These conditions truly make kayaking in Uganda a nice opportunity. However, the White Nile is now dammed so you will need to find out about the kayaking opportunity.

8. Kayaking the Zambezi River

With the Zambezi River, you get to enjoy a true wonder of the world in the form of Victoria Falls. With the falls as the border for the river’s upper and middle points, there is a huge amount of rapids that call it home. Chances are, if you ever seen a kayaking scene on television with huge rapids, then it was likely at the Zambezi River. The river water is graded for at least 3 and 4 but there are exclusions too. Whether you venture out on your own or have a guide, you will enjoy the gorge and all that it includes.

9. Kayak throughout Chile

The water of Chile is also famous among kayakers and provides the beauty and water one would expect. With majestic rapids and magnificent waterfalls, you will enjoy Futaleufu, which is also a very awesome name in itself. So regardless of the reason for your kayaking Chile is able to provide clear waters that all will enjoy. Begin at Pucon for rapids that consist of 3 and 4 grade rapids or you can even start at Patagonia.

10. Kayak the United States

When you begin to kayak the many opportunities throughout the United States you will discover why not many venture beyond the borders to enjoy other kayaking destinations. Because of the many locations offered in the states, you will see that every type of rapid is on offer from the east coast, mid-west, and west. All grades can be found and if you have never paddled through the Grand Canyon, then you are missing out on a lot.