Things You Should Know Before Purchasing an Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflatable Paddle Board

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It can be a challenging experience if you want to purchase a paddle board or SUP mainly if you have limited knowledge about the subject. There are numerous types of paddle boards from different manufacturers that exist on the market, and it can be confusing to choose the appropriate one depending on your budget and needs. Different paddle boards have various features depending on their cost and the manufacturer. It is crucial to scrutinize the multiple functions that a board has compared to the price so that when you are out there purchasing an inflatable paddle board you know, you are paying a decent amount for it. Also, it is crucial to note that the price of the inflatable paddle boards is influenced by the features that come along with it. Here are a few tips that will save you time money and a tough experience when you want to purchase a paddle board for your water sports.

Consider the PSI of your SUP.

The PSI of the inflatable paddle board is a crucial aspect because it determines how much air you could put inside the paddle board. The PSI makes the difference between the boards, and there is a variety on the market depending on your budget and the manufacturer. If you are working on a budget below $600, inflatable paddle boards available have a PSI of up to 12PSI. Inflatable paddle boards that are of a mid-range budget $1000 and below have a PSI of up to 25. High-end inflatable paddle boards have a PSI of up to 25. The higher the PSI of your inflatable board determines how strong and rigid your paddle board will be. According to your budget, consider purchasing an inflatable paddle board that has a PSI that suits your needs.


The Length and width of your inflatable paddle board determine the speed.

If you are purchasing an inflatable paddle board for paddle sporting competition, then speed of should be a factor to consider before you make the purchase. A longer inflatable paddle board has longer contact with the water line, and hence it will take you less effort to push your paddle board through the water. The length of the paddle board influences the cruise speed of the paddle board, and this is a crucial aspect to account for before purchasing an inflatable paddle board.

Bungees on your inflatable paddle board.

While you are out there cruising the waters, it is common for you to carry some gear with you and most inflatable paddle boards have bungees for you to strap your gear. For typical inflatable paddle boards, bungees are located at the back. Some high-end inflatable paddle boards have bungees both at the front, and the back and this provides more room for you to carry more gear for your paddle sporting trip.

Inflatable Paddle Board

Consider the handle placements on your paddle board.

A typical inflatable board should have handles at the center, and this serves as the primary carry handle for your paddle board. Some inflatable paddle boards have an additional handle on the sides and at the front and the back. Extra handles at the front enable you to anchor your paddle board or tie it to a tree when you are out paddling, and you can also tie the paddle board to your boat. The additional handles at the front and the back of your inflatable paddle board come in handy when loading and offloading your board.

The US standard fin box.

The fin box is where your detachable fins can be attached, and this is an important consideration for you before you purchase an inflatable paddle board. Most manufacturers in the United States use the US standard fin box. Buying an inflatable paddle box that has a US standard fin box is much more advisable as it provides for you to attach different types of fins on your board. Different types of fins that one can connect to the US standard fin box include race fin, touring fin and a surf fin. Also, or the US standard fin box boards, one can always buy and replace the fins according to their needs or replace the fins if they are broken or lost.


Paddles are a crucial consideration to make before purchasing inflatable paddle boards. Many times most people have complained about purchasing less expensive paddles that sink. Also, apart from whether the paddle can float or not, there are other few considerations to make. Your paddle blade should be rigid and stiff to enable you to maneuver the waters efficiently. Another factor for you to take into account while choosing a paddle for your inflatable paddle board is the handles. A good handle should be comfortable and firmly attached to the paddle shaft. Most inflatable paddle boards are sold with their paddles while others do not. Always take into account the considerations mentioned if you are required to buy a paddle separately and also crosscheck if the paddle coming with the paddle board you are purchasing meets the standard.

Fish Finders and Depth Sounders

fishing equipment surfer

Knowing the depth is not just important on a boat, it's equally important on your SUP for added safety and security. HawkEye handheld depth sounders and SUP Fish Finders are essential equipment on your SUP, so be sure to visit our SUP Fish Finder and Depth Sounder website for the latest in electronic gear.


There are a variety of pumps for use on your inflatable board available on the market. The features and work-ability with the pumps vary according to price and manufacturers. Some pumps have a dual cylinder that pump air into the board and as it gets harder to pump air into the board, you can shift gears and use one cylinder. The gears on the double cylinder pump can vary from two to three, and it is advisable to use the three-geared pump because as it gets harder to pump air into the board, one can shift gears to use less effort.

Storage bag.

Inflatable paddle boards come in storage bags, and one should also pay attention to few details concerning the storage bags before purchase. Some storage bags for your inflatable paddle boards have wheels on them, and this makes it easy to move around. Extra pockets on your storage bag will also go a long way to help you pack more stuff in it for your trip.

Repair Kit.

Inflatable paddle boards are sold with a repair kit that contains few essential items for repair such as a wrench for tightening the air valves, patching materials of different colors among others. Depending on the budget and manufacturers the items that come along with the repair kit may vary. High-end inflatable paddle boards come with things such as an extra US fin box fitting and extra glue.

Consider the warranty, distribution and return policy for the manufacturing company.

It is advisable to purchase from a manufacturer that is easy to access in case of any issues and have a reliable customer service.