The Best Fishing and Boating Electronics

helps you find your way to fish
Fishing is one of the most relaxing summertime pastimes, but it can also be frustrating if you don't have the right kind of equipment that helps you find your way to fish. Fishing and boating electronics make your fishing experience more manageable. This blog post reviews the best fishing and boating electronics.

Fish Finders

With fish finders, you can easily find out how deep the water is if there are any obstacles such as rocks or roots in the water, and where to cast your line. They come in more sophisticated versions that can even show you what kind of bottom structure is beneath you. Whichever model you choose, it will likely feature built-in GPS always to know where you are and all of your other pertinent information about your boat's location, speed and coordinates. Using this type of equipment can make fishing more fun.


Still, even the best fishing and boating electronics won't help you if you don't have a way to power them, which is where inverters come in. Inverters are an excellent choice for powering your electronics because they don't require you to run your gas engine. Gas engines can be deafening and not allow you to enjoy your time on the lake as much as you would like. Inverters will help keep things quiet without stalling or sputtering as a gas engine might.

Inverters are an excellent choice for powering your electronics because they don't require you to run your gas engine. Gas engines can be deafening and not allow you to enjoy your time on the lake as much as you would like. Inverters will help keep things quiet without stalling or sputtering as a gas engine might.

Engine Monitors

An engine monitor is one of the best boating electronics to help you out on your fishing trips. An engine monitor will accurately show you the type of engine you have and how much power it's putting out. This is important to know if your gas engine needs to be repaired or needs a tune-up.


It's hard for fish to be caught if you can't see them, and great fishing and boating electronics tool for seeing them is a radar. Radar allows you to use your fish finder in ways that it might not traditionally allow. For example, if you are moving from one spot to another, the radar will allow you to evaluate whether or not there are fish around that location before moving on.

Chart Plotters

If you love to fish out of the same spot repeatedly, a chart plotter is ideal for boating electronics for you. Chart plotters allow you to create charts that show you the depth of the water, where all the fish are, and how many fish might be in an area.

Dome Lights

In addition to being great boating electronics when it comes to helping you find your way around in unfamiliar waters, dome lights are also good fishing and boating electronics. Dome lights can help you see better when searching for worms on your hook.

VHF Radio

A VHF radio is good boating electronic to have on board both your boat and your fishing boat. If you get into trouble, it can help you get out of it quicker by contacting the coast guard or nearby ships. You can find these radios on HawkEye Electronics.

Repair Kits

A good fishing and boating electronics repair kit should always be in your boat. You won't have any fun if one of your fish finders stops working or if the engine monitor isn't displaying information correctly. A repair kit will have all of the parts that you need to make quick repairs so that you can enjoy an afternoon on the water.


An Automatic Identification System AIS is an excellent tool for your fishing boat. This system can be as simple as a handheld AIS unit that allows you to contact other ships nearby. It can also be more sophisticated, like an AIS system that will lock onto other ships'


Multi-Function Displays or MFDs can be used in place of conventional gauges on your boat. These units are great because they allow you to see multiple pieces of relevant information at one time. For example, if you are using an AIS system and want to monitor a few other things, such as radar and the boat's engine, an MFD is an excellent way to do it all.


The compass is one of the most basic fishing and boating electronics you can have on board. It's easy to read and will help you get your bearings no matter where you are on the water.

WI-FI and Cellular Range Boosters

These devices can improve your Wi-Fi connectivity and help you talk and chat with friends on the cellular network. If you are out of cell service, these systems allow you to communicate without the risk of battery drain or signal loss while in the middle of nowhere. They can help make your fishing trip a more enjoyable experience.

Boat Navigation App

Boats today have navigation systems that will allow you to accurately plot your current location and the speed of your boat. Having a boat navigation system onboard can help you avoid dangerous areas such as shallow water or rocks while still ensuring accurate instructions on where you need to go.

Small Boats Autopilots

Like a boat navigation system, these systems can help you plot where you are going and figure out how fast you need to go. However, a small boat autopilot will also keep the boat running at that speed on its own, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time on the water.

Fuel-Flow Meters

These devices will allow you to see how much fuel is going into your gas tank. This can help prevent running out of power while out on the water and let you know if your engine is getting weaker because it's getting low on fuel.

Trolling Motors

Trolling motors are one of the most popular and valuable pieces of boating electronics in existence. They allow you to keep moving without wasting gas or having to use your arms for propulsion. They are also helpful for anglers who find themselves in a spot where they need to reduce the noise made by their boat and increase their stealthy rate of travel.


Many people think that an alarm is only used in the case of an emergency, but an alarm can be a great fishing and boating electronics tool. It's a useful little device that can tell you how close you are to other boats, how much depth you're at, or it can tell you if there's anything wrong with your boat.

Night Vision

Several different night vision devices on HawkEye Electronics can help you be more productive and efficient in fishing and boating. They will allow you to see in the dark better and increase your chances of success. These fish finding technologies give you greater clarity and help you find your way in the water.


Personal Locator Beacons or PLBs are small devices that can be used to help you get out of a dangerous situation. When you use one, it will transmit your location to all nearby boats and the coast guard so that they can come to your aid.

Satellite Phones

These phones are usually used for emergencies and in remote locations, but many people use them for leisure purposes. If you are going out on a boat trip and don't want to worry about getting stuck without communication, a satellite phone is an excellent piece of boating electronics for you.

In conclusion, electronics are a great selling point for boaters as they can give them more control over the functionality of their boat. Electronics are crucial for controlling the functionality of your vessel, but they can also help you monitor your navigational status and be more productive when it comes to fishing. Be sure to check HawkEye Electronics for these and many more boating electronics.