Some of the Strangest Fish Ever Caught

Strangest Fish Ever Caught

Ordinary fisherman know that to catch walleye, northern pike, bass and other game fish, one of the most useful tools you can bring along besides your rod and real and bait is a Hawkeye Fishfinder.

Whether they are used in a kayak, an inner tube, a fishing boat or as part of a drone package, there are dozens of ways to use a fishfinder, and when you catch fish you just have more fun, which is what Hawkey is all about. But what if you are fishing for monsters?

Here are some of the strangest fish every caught and also some of the scariest.

#1 Congo Tiger Fish

Tiger Fish

You can see the video of Jeremy Wade fishing this truly monstrous giant piranha, at

Congo Tiger Fish just don't watch it late at night before going to sleep.

Living in the Congo basin, these are known locally as M'Benga, which means "dangerous fish."

And one look at the 1-inch teeth which are approximately the same size as large Great White Shark and it's easy to see why it's called M'Benga.

#2. Giant Mudskipper

Giant Mudskipper

Were not sure why they call them Giant Mudsiippers, but here we've gone from a 100-pound fish to one weighing a few ounces.

Giant Mudskippers are cute, and sort of look like a cross between a flying fish and a frog, but underneath the cuteness are four tiny but razor-sharp teeth that can tear into a person with furious ferocity.

Inhabiting the mudflats throughout Southeast Asia, many a person has been bitten by these fast-moving fish which can outrun a human.

#3. Ratfish


If you can picture a dinosaur looking fish with eyes nearly 8 inches in diameter, this spooky fish which may have origins 65 million years ago, was caught be a Norwegian fisherman trying to catch blue dolphin caught this creepy looking monster at a depth of nearly 2,600 feet.

Ratfish actually feed on crustaceans at the bottom of the ocean, so they aren't dangerous at all, but they sure look creepy.

#4. Common Fangtooth


A truly monstrous looking fish, although small, averaging about 7 inches in length, for their size they have enormous teeth.

Although fangtooth fish generally are found deep into the depths of the ocean, at night they sometimes troll near the surface, and it's entirely possible a fisherman will snag one.

Fangtooth are found in a variety of waters such as Australia and Mexico.

#5 Golden Dorado

If you're ready for another Jeremy Wade video, this one entitled River of Blood, Jeremy goes to the Amazon and catches a Golden Dorado.

The episode goes in the Amazon and concerns hunting for a fish that emasculated a young boy by chopping at his manhood.

When he finally catches the fish, who turns out to be a Golden Dorado, Jeremy declines to open up the jaws of the 40 pound beast, even though he hasn't hesitated to open the jaws of much bigger fish.

Found in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina, Golden Dorados will slice a 10-pound fish, as well as a human arm or leg, in half in a single bite.

#6. Goblin Shark

Goblin Shark

A Goblin Shark resembles the creature from the Alien, with seemingly a head and teeth buried with the larger mouth of the shark.

It truly does like a creature from the Alien movies.

Although mostly deep-sea creatures, they can come to the surface at night, and that's when they are most often seen and caught by fishermen.

Considered a generally lazy fish, they are fairly docile as sharks go, and generally, they die quite easily when caught.

There has never been a Goblin Shark seen in captivity, and relatively little is known about them.

#7. Piranhas


What type of unusual fish story would not include piranhas, those deadly pack eating fish that can stip a cow or a human within a few minutes?

Sadly (or fortunately depending upon how you view it) most of those stories are pure myth.

Teddy Roosevelt made piranhas famous be describing them as among the most vicious fish alive after watching a cow become stripped from head to toe by piranhas. What he didn't know was the local natives collected piranhas for over a week and starved them near to death.

It's no wonder the piranhas devoured the cow, which was also near death.

In actually, many humans have been nipped on the legs or feet by piranhas, (over 200 bites per year in the Amazon) but few are ever attacked by a pack of them.

In fact, piranhas are frequent meals for caiman, a type of crocodile, and birds.

Piranhas actually herd together as a defensive mechanism with the older fish at the center of the pack and the younger fish at the edge.

There are several interesting videos about fishing for piranha on YouTube.

#8 Queensland Groper

Queensland Groper

The Queensland Groper is quite a curiosity in two ways. One way is that these groupers get quite large. As big as 683 pounds.

The other unique thing about them is that they are among several species of fish that can change from female to male. If there are several females and one male and that male is removed, the biggest and most dominant of these female groupers will become a male.

Giant groupers are found frequently in lagoons, caves, in the Indo-West Pacific, particularly in Australia.

Back to Hawkeye Fishfinders and electronics

Although many fishermen dream of catching a 683-pound grouper, a huge Congo Tiger Fish or a Golden Durango, the plain fact is that there are plenty of monster game fish right in the USA.

The record bass is 22 pounds 4 ounces. The record Walleye was 25 pounds. A 46-pound pike was caught in New York and 900-pound sturgeon was caught in Oregon in 1951.

But whether you are searching for River monster or just fish to fry for supper, Hawkeye electronics can help