More Unusual Ways to Catch Fish


As one of the largest manufacturers of electronic equipment to find and catch fish, naturally, we suggest wherever you are in the world, and however you fish, whether it be on a fishing boat, a kayak ice fishing, an inner tube or more, that you use a Hawkeye Fish Finder to catch more fish in a quicker fashion.

We've already published one article on our blog, Strange Methods of Fishing, but so many of you enjoyed this brief blog post that we decided to post an addendum: More unusual ways to catch fish

Catching fish in a plastic bottle

A YouTuber from India posted this technique. He cut the upper tops on plastic bottles, then cut slots vertically, and then reversed them. and finally tied them with a string and put them into a lake.

For such a simple technique, he caught a lot of fish. Enjoy the video at 

Banana Tube Fishing

In a testament to how counteracting poverty often leads to innovation, two young boys, also believed to be Indian use a machete to cut open a 4-foot tube made out of banana tree.

They then cut open the tube, scrape out the inner components, and make a fish trap.
After tieing the tube back up, they then fill the tube with worms, and float the tube in the water and cover it with lake moss, so it lies submerged about 6 inches into the water.

The boys then return the next morning, retrieve the tube from the water, cut it open and retrieve around 10 decent size fish.

It's quite an entertaining video and is found at 

Shrimp fishing with green coconuts

Another clever fish trap idea, also from India, shows a man creating shrimp traps with green coconuts. He cuts open the coconut, makes a hold for the fish, puts shredded coconut inside and then ties the coconuts up with twine.

After that, he lowers the coconuts into the muddy waters of a reservoir and then leaves them overnight.

You can view the video here at

Using a fan cover to catch fish

In another version of the same trapping technique, a girl uses a fan cover and a bucket to catch a healthy amount of fish somewhere in Southeast Asia.

Turns out her fan is an excellent fish trap. The video is found at 

Oil of Derris eliptica fishing

People think they are so clever using Coke and mentos to drive fish out of water holes, but Cambodians and Thais have been using Oil of derris, a shrub that makes an oily like substance that eliminates most of the oxygen out of a hole and causes fish to go towards the surface.

See the video at to see how it's done.


Fishwheels resemble windmills that revolve and for a certain amount of time, move underwater. If a fish happens to swim below the water but above the wheel, when it lifts out of the water, the fish comes with it. Ther is a large hole on the above-ground portion of the wheel in which the fish just drop into.

Dolphin herding

Not some new-age technique, fishermen in Santa Catarina Brazil noticed that dolphins would perform natural movements that tended to drive or herd fish away from them.

Fishermen would patiently await these movements and choose to throw their nets at that time. In return, some of the fish would escape the nets but would be slightly disorientated, making a great meal for the dolphins.

This symbiotic relationship between dolphins and fishermen still is in effect to this day.

It's raining flying fish

Asian Carp were introduced in the 60s intentionally to control algae in certain aquatic situations. Unfortunately, enough escaped into streams and rivers so that there are now millions of them. And Asian carp are real eating machines.

In certain rivers, there are so many of them that boat motor noise causes them to jump up to great heights, and it can literally look like it's raining fish.

All you need to do to catch them is either wait for them to jump into your boat or snag them with a net.

Rocket propelled grenade launch fishing

In Afghanistan, soldiers often used rocket-propelled grenades to take out tanks and armored vehicles. No one is sure who invented it, but one day and Afghani soldier fired a rocket-propelled grenade into a nearby pond. And like dynamite fishing, the concussion instantly killed a number of fish.

Chicken and turkey fishing

It isn't surpr8is8ing that sometimes ocean fishermen use big bait to catch big fish. In this YouTube video at , a bunch of fishermen catch giant grouper using turkey legs, whole chickens, and turkeys to catch 300 pound plus groupers.

Slingshot fishing

John Waltham actually wrote a book, 100 Weird Ways to Catch Fish. Among his methods, one of the weirdest was slingshot fishing, in which a retiree from Washington hooked up a giant slingshot to his beat-up Volkswagen Beetle.

He would then back up the car and pull the band a good 20 feet, shooting bait and hook far into the middle of the Columbia River.

Drone fishing

Of course, we've already covered drone fishing in our blog, but in case you missed it, drone fishing is one of the newest techniques on the block for catching fish. It is particularly popular with ocean surf fishing.

One of the better drone fishing videos we have found is on YouTube at 

It's 8 minutes long and is one of the more informative videos on how to surf fish using a drone.

Most people in the West recreationally fish the traditional way with a rod, reel and bait. And time and time again they find a Hawkeye fish finder for their boat, their kayak their inner tube, or their ice fishing rig is the easy way to catch fish.

But if not, you can always try a banana tree trap and some worms.