Essential Fishing Gear for the Fall

 top essential fishing gear that you should bring
The fall season only happens once a year. During this time, there are new types of fish in the water migrating from area to area. If you are looking to catch a big fish or want to try catching a new species, fall may be the best time for you to hit the water. If you want to try fly fishing, boat fishing, or pier fishing, fall is a great time to take to the water.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced fisher, everyone knows that having the right gear can make your fishing expedition more fun and more successful. Having the right gear, from clothing to fishing poles to bait and more will maximize your fun and your catches, especially as the weather gets a little colder. If you do not have the right equipment and gear, you may feel like you are simply wasting your time. If you plan to hit the water this fall, here are some of the top essential fishing gear that you should bring.

#1) Rain Gear

When the seasons start to change, it can bring some unpredictable weather. It is always best to be over prepared and to pack too much than to not have what you need. When fishing from the pier or from the boat, you should make sure to pack or wear a layer of rain gear. Waterproof clothing can help keep you dry and ensure that you are able to stay out in the weather longer to catch more fish. Some essential clothing includes a hat, boots, jacket, pants and more.

#2) Fishing Gloves

As the weather gets a little colder, the water will get much colder as well. It is important that you always pack a pair of fishing gloves (and likely a spare set, too). Gloves are an ideal way to keep you warm while fishing. Your hands are going to be exposed to the wind, water, and cool air. Having a pair of gloves will definitely make the trip more enjoyable and help you stay out longer to catch some big fish.

#3) Flashlights and Headlamps

The fall season is notorious for being dark. It is darker in the mornings when you wake up and even darker in the evening. If you are planning to go fishing in the morning or evening hours, you will certainly want to bring a few flashlights and a headlamp with you. This light may be the only light you get so it is important to make sure they are bright and that they have new batteries. A flashlight is essential to help you bait your hook, reel in your fish, navigate through the water and use in an emergency situation. It is advised that you always keep a spare in your tackle box.

#4) Layered Clothing

If you are fishing in the fall weather, you will highly want to consider wearing layers. Fall weather is often pretty unpredictable and the weather can change quickly. Dressing in layers can help ensure that you are dry and comfortable. Try wearing layers and implementing waterproof clothing to help keep you dry and comfortable.

#5) Big Eyed Lures

One of the best types of fishing gear that you will want to use in the fall weather is a big eyed lure. Big eyed lures are one of the best types of bait to use in the fall because the eyes are sure to stand out and attract the attention of large fish.

During the fall, the water tends to get darker and more muddy. This can make traditional bait hard to see. Using different lures for each season is a great way to help you land the fish of your dreams. Try using a big eyed lure during the fall and drawing shadows on the back to really make them stand out. The sparkling eye can shimmer through the water and catch the attention of all large fish in the area. It will be something they cannot resist.

#6) Fishing Rod

Like any season, all fishers will need a fishing rod. There are a numerous selection of fishing rods to choose from so it is important that you find one you are comfortable with. Try testing out a few different ones before purchasing one to make sure it fits all of your needs. It is always recommended that you bring two rods with you on a fishing expedition, just in case one breaks. You will not need to cut your trip short if you have a back up.

#7) Fishing License

All fishermen and women will need a fishing license to fish during any season. While the rules and regulations may vary from county to county, it is important to have a current license with you at all times. Some people may not need a license, like those under 16, but you need to check with your local area to make sure that you are not breaking the rules and putting yourself at risk for getting a fine.

#8) Spinners

Every tackle box should have at least one or two spinners in them. A spinner is a type of bait that swivels in the water and helps attract the attention of fish. A spinner helps mimic the struggle and swimming motion of a live fish and is a great way to attract the attention of larger fish. They come in a large assortment of sizes and shapes, so make sure you have an idea of what you want to catch before you purchase one and bait your line.

#9) Waterproof Boots

No matter where you plan on fishing, you never know what will happen. It is always best to wear waterproof boots for fishing, just in case your feet get wet or you end up having to step into the water. Waterproof boots will help keep your feet dry if you get submerged in the water or you simply just get splashed. Wearing waterproof boots are an essential piece of fishing gear.

If you plan on trying some fall fly fishing, make sure you wear an entire waterproof outfit. To do the best fly fishing, you will need to actually get in the water. Using waterproof boots, pants and jackets can help you withstand the cold water and make you more excited to stay out in the cold. Even if you dress in a completely waterproof outfit, make sure you dress in layers in case you get wet or too warm.

#10) Pliers

Remember to bring a pair of needle nose pliers with you, not matter what season you are fishing in. Pliers are the best way to safely remove a bait or hook from your fish. It helps you remove the hook if you are doing catch and release fishing and it also helps prevent your fingers from getting bit by larger fish. These pliers should always be kept close to you so that you can easily grab them, no matter how large the fish on your line is.

Fall is one of the best times to go fishing. Whether you are fishing from a pier or on a boat, the fall weather is ideal. It is typically not too hot and not too cold, so you are able to enjoy your time on the water longer. As long as you have all necessary equipment and gear, fall may be the best time for you to catch a large fish. Make sure you use this checklist before heading out of the door.