Electronics That Make Your Sailing Vacation More Exciting and Convenient

Electronics That Make Your Sailing Vacation

In the modern world big and small cities are gradually becoming really crowded and while the hustle-bustle of the busy streets and major office buildings is a sign of hard-working individual and gets you up and moving to work, sometimes taking some time away from the life in the fast lane for a little peace-filled vacation is a very desirable idea and If you are a fan of the paradise at the sea than you will surely opt for a sailing vacation. 

Sail Fishing

A sailing vacation allows you to be away from the noise of the world and enjoy the white noise of the ocean along with a few individuals of your own choosing such as your family, or it can be just you on your own too. While the bright lights of the electronic world are what you want to be away from during a sailing vacation, there are some electronics which can be incredibly beneficial during such an adventure and also provide great use and a wide range of conveniences. Here is a list of electronics that you should look into if you are looking to go on that yearly or 6 monthly or monthly(whatever is your desired time span between vacations) vacation.

Portable Fish Finders and Handheld Depth Sounders

If you are planning to catch some fish during this vacation, which most people who hit the ocean will, then this device will be incredibly beneficial for you. Locating the fish underwater by your gut can be rather difficult especially for those whose guts haven’t been trained with years of fishing experience yet and to avoid that peculiar little situation you can purchase one of these castable sonar transducer portable fish finders.  They use SONAR technology to electrically sound depths of 240 feet deep.  They can help you locate fish and do many other wonderful things that are possible when you have over 200 feet deep imagery of the ocean around you. You can even create a cartography of your fishing grounds.

Fish Finder

Boat Mounted Depth Finder

Unlike the above-mentioned portable fish finders, these depth trackers are mounted on the boat itself and provide much more range when it comes to exploring depths with some like the DepthTrax 2B providing a depth range of 600 feet. These are incredibly convenient to have on the boat as they come with alarm systems to warn you in case of any approaching threat. The alarms include audible sound and bright flashing lights to ensure immediate attention in case of approaching danger.

Depth Tracker

Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras

Hand-held thermal imaging camera is a sort of name that makes you think that it is something out of a science fiction film but it is actually a very real product that has recently hit the marine technology markets and is currently one of the coolest gadgets to purchase if you are planning to go on such a trip. These cameras can do almost everything that comes to your mind when you hear its fancy name for the first time. To understand the workings of it, you should know that this is sort of like night vision except instead of light magnification it works on the principal of detecting heat signatures in its surroundings. They have very sensitive thermal sensors that can judge a temperature difference of one-twentieth of a degree Celsius between an object and its surroundings which not only makes it an incredibly cool gadget to have but also a very useful one. It will prove incredibly beneficial, for example if looking to detect an approaching vessel from the horizon which has enough glare to distract the naked eye. You can also use it to find your boat after a great dinner ashore. These gadgets also have a digital zoom feature that just makes them all the more attractive. 

Bluetooth Speakers with an IP Rating

Moments on the ocean can be some of the most glorious, magical and memorable ones of your life, while a lot of times you will prefer the sound of the water and if you are traveling with a family the sound of your loved ones talking to company the ambience of the ocean there will be situation where some beautiful tunes spreading their wings in the air will be a welcome phenomenon by all as it will only add to the beauty of the scenery. In such circumstances, a decent Bluetooth speaker that is portable and can connect directly to your smart phone will be a wise addition to your luggage. However, make sure that your Bluetooth speaker has an IP rating as the weather can get rough on the seas and even if it doesn’t accidents happen and the greater area that your electronics will find to fall onto is the ocean that is all around them. Hence like all electronics that you choose to take on board with you for the journey, make sure that your Bluetooth speaker has an IP rating or some form of protection against water.

Waterproof GoPro Cameras

As explained before moments on the ocean are going to be the ones that you will remember for a very long time because of their beauty and magic. Although you are unlikely to forget the memories you make while on the ocean, it wouldn’t hurt to have a reminder of them every now and then in the form of videos or pictures. For this purpose, taking along a water proof GoPro camera is an excellent choice. GoPro cameras can shoot pictures and videos in highest 4k resolutions and record high quality audio as well. Some of these cameras come with built in waterproofing while others provide a water proof casing along with it. The choice is yours but both will provide excellent quality videos and images and give you the ability to capture all the precious moments you experience in high quality so you can go back to them and relive them at any given time. 

Power Banks

Last but not least, we have the power bank, which is another word for portable chargers. All or most of the electronics that you will be carrying with you on the trip are going to run on batteries and the batteries will not always be readily provided with power sources when you are going to be at a distance of possibly several hundred miles from the nearest land and in such cases having a power bank handy will prove to be incredibly convenient. Power banks come in various shapes and sizes and you can purchase the ones that best suit your needs but since it is not known how long the duration without access to any proper power source will be when on the sea it is advised to purchase a significant power storage.