All About Fishing and Water Sports


Fishing and water sports are one of the most popular activities among people this generation especially during the months of spring and summer. Theres no doubt that people love the outdoors especially when its warm outside. When it gets too warm there's nothing better than jumping right into the cool water, to cool off and have fun. Having fun isn't the only aspect some people do this for a living! How lucky right? Water sports have made a major breakthrough in not only little home towns but even in the world olympics. Its not question that with all the craziness in the world that people like to take a break and get out into nature.


All Types of Boating

Boating comes in many different shapes and sizes. First off people boat for several different reasons whether it be to relax and have a lake day, Jet Skiing with friends, Fishing also including deep sea fishing, on larger boats people go on 7 day cruises, there's paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing. For some people they enjoy sailing and light fishing along the shoreline while others prefer ice fishing to even Jon boat fishing.

Paddle Boarding

There are many different forms of paddle boarding, first Kayaking has become increasingly popular among people because of its fun nature. Longer and slender unlike the original canoe. In a Kayak you are most likely going to be sliding your feet and legs into the boat instead of on top. There are variations of Kayaks that allow you to put your feet on top especially for people who have disabilities that prevent them from being able to move in and out of a kayak. People use kayaking as a social sport meaning going out on the lake together. Some people enjoy it as a sport and go white water kayaking which is a more adrenaline based sport while others enjoy a single seater kayak where they can enjoy the solitude of being alone on the lake and enjoying the scenery around them. Surfing has been around forever but what about standing on a surf board with a paddle moving about still calm waters? This is what you would call Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Its just as it sounds, you quite literally are standing on a paddle board much like a surf board with your feet across and gently pushing yourself through the water. This technique actually originated in Hawaii and has become popular all over the globe. It definitely takes practice balancing yourself atop a flat board on the water, which obviously recommend not trying this near boats and other high power motored water vehicles because it is not hard to fall right off. Rafting is a fun hobby or sport for people who like to go in pairs or groups. Rafting has also become a popular tourist attraction out west where there are tons of opportunities to raft among fast moving waters and being splashed. Although it seems kind of dangerous its actually very safe to go white water rafting because you are in a large inflatable raft usually with someone highly trained on specific safety measures and you also have a life jacket on in the case of it tipping over. So even if you can't swim this may be the water sport of your choice. Plus its exciting! Canoeing is one of the original forms of paddle boarding. Canoes are long and slender boats that provide seats atop of the boat so you won't have to slide down in it, you're also more likely to stay dry canoeing and you also have the opportunity to do light fishing. While there isn't much room you can usually at least fit a small cooler for some refreshments and fish you might catch along the way. Canoeing has been around since the beginning of water based sports and activities because it can be used as a relaxing way to hang out on the lake or also a high speed racing tool in events and sports. Either way one thing you know for sure canoeing is not going anywhere anytime soon.

All the Different Ways You Can Go Fishing

Float tube fishing is one of the more inexpensive ways to enjoy fishing on the lake, you can find float tubes almost anywhere at your local adventure stores. All you need in your fishing supplies and a good air pump to get going. With durable waterproof raft material these float tubes are perfect for a quick way out the door to go fishing. They have high raised seats and sometimes even cup holders and foot rests. With many attachments such as a sun room to protect you from the heat and even motors to move you across the water these are the perfect way to enjoy light fishing. If you're low on cash and still want to enjoy fishing many people enjoy fishing off of the pier otherwise known as Pier Fishing. Pier fishing is a great way to enjoy fishing without even having to get in the water. Find your local peer that allows fishing and bring your gear up. Some piers charge a small fee to fish from but they offer cleaning tables to cut up your fish or sometimes even offer a service that prepares your fish for you. Pier fishing is popular at beaches and resorts because it allows people to enjoy local fish without the hassle of renting or buying a boat to do so. Another popular way to go fishing is on a Jon Boat. These boats are typically made of metal and high quality aluminum but small enough to hook up to the back of your trailer. They are flat bottomed and have a small motor on the back of the boat to move you across the water swiftly. Fishing from a Jon boat is great because it has enough room to really bring a load home and usually 2-3 benches to bring some friends or maybe your dog to help out! If you are adventurous and really want to get out into the water you can try Shoreline fishing otherwise known as Surf Fishing. This style is where you literally walk out into the ocean and fish on your two feet. You have to be pretty brave to do this because you are out unprotected from the dark blue with a fishing rod and a swimsuit. Some people really enjoy this style because they feel like they have a better advantage at feeling out the water and being able to control their chances at catching something. If you want to go all the way, and deeper into the sea you might want to try sailing. Sailing is one of the original forms of boating and goes back so far in time even before all the other forms of fishing were around. Sailing gives you the luxury of space and time because it requires a lot of patience. With only the wind as your motor it is a very slow paced trip. It requires a lot of understanding of nature surrounding you to direct yourself in the direction of where the wind is blowing towards. If you are an old spirit and enjoy the true beauty of nature sailing might be perfect for your fishing and boating needs.