Accelerate your boating fishing with a Hawkeye Fish Finder

Accelerate your boating fishing with a Hawkeye Fish Finder
There are many ways to go fishing, and we've shown some of the weirder ways here such as using mentos and a coke bottle to coax fish out of mud, as well as catfish noodling, where you use your arm as bait and haul out the fish that way, but the fact remains that using a boat remains the most popular and practical method for fishing.

Of course, the definition of a boat is extremely flexible. One man or woman's idea of a boat is a 100-foot yacht costing perhaps 20 million dollars, while another person's idea of a boat is an inflatable kayak costing $100 or less.

You can even make your own inner tube float and go fishing on your favorite pond or lake for perhaps $10. So in essence, a boat is a boat, and it makes no difference to the fish beneath the water what kind of boat you use.

In essence, all a fish knows, is that you've managed to wrangle some kind of bait, whether, it be live bait or man-maid, that intrigues their interest.

Fish jump at bait for one of three reasons:

  • 1. Because they are hungry

    Being hungry is the most obvious reason for a fish to jump at bait.

  • 2. Fish are negatively reacting to the bait.

    The fish perceives the bait as a perceived threat, and they want to chase it away.

  • 3. Fish are being territorial and don't want any competition.
So what are the principles of boat fishing?

  • #1. Slow down

    Even the fastest freshwater fish can only travel at 7 miles per hour, and the vast majority of fish are moving a heck of a lot slower.

    So slow down. Going too fast in your boat will pretty much ensure that you rarely catch any fish.

  • #2. Take your boat to where the fish are.

    Although in the later parts of the day bigger fish may hang out in the middle of a lake where presumably the water is deeper, most fish are found in areas where fish will likely find food.

    So stop your boat along a little accessed shore, and look for vegetation spots.

    Fish love vegetation, because it not only gives them plenty of hiding space from larger predators, but vegetation attracts natural food such as insects.

    If there is no immediate vegetation around, look for fallen trees in the water which again provides hiding places, or areas where there is a sudden dropoff.

    However, realize that the temperature of the water significantly affects the activity of fish. Fish will tend to be closer to the shore in the early parts of the day and as evening approaches.

    However, as the sun heats up the water in mid-day, fish will tend to go deeper into the water.

    This does not mean that all the fish in a lake are congregated in the middle of the lake, but it does mean that you will probably need to fish deeper as the day progresses.

    Of course, ignore this advice if it tends to be cloudy or stormy.

  • #3. Use a fish finder.

    Of course, we at Hawkeye believe that we make the best fish finders that money can buy, but by all means, buy a fish finder.

    A fish finder will save you valuable fishing time by pointing out the areas where fish are likely to be, and then you can visually track how many fish are nearby.

    Secondly, fish finders such as Hawkeye fish finder, are extremely easy to use. And in fact, many fishermen, seeking to encourage the love of fishing in their children or grandchildren, will assign the fish finding to their younger peers.

    A fish finder to a 9-year-old is like a video game on steroids because they are tracking real, live fish.

    In fact, a fish finder can turn fishing for many youngsters from a boring activity to an active and exciting pursuit.

    In addition, a fish finder is not that expensive and can be used for several years.

    Finally, as you never really know what conditions underneath the water will attract or repel fish, a fish finder is a great, all-weather friend.

    Buy a fish finder to assist you in transforming fishing from a giant guessing game to a more refined science.

    Fortunately, a fish finder does not take the skill out of fishing. Nobody yet has created a fish finder that will tell you exactly what bait to use, and how your bait can get the attention of a prized fish.

    Nor will a fish finder sort out the fish for you and shoo away the smaller fish while attracting only the truly prized fish.

  • #4. Learn advanced fishing tips

    Many expert fishermen, ie those who enter fishing competitions, like to keep their fishing secrets as close to the vest as a magician protects his magic act.

    The difference between a boatload of bass and a small haul may be as simple as using a secret bait.

    One of the top secrets is to actually downsize your bait. If you are using a 7-inch worm and the fish stop biting, consider slowing your presentation down significantly, and try a 4-inch worm.

    Why this works, we do not know, but if you are not catching any fish but your Hawkeye Fishfinder indicates there are a number of fish in the area, try this tactic.

    Another excellent tip is using a sharpie to accelerate the benefits of your crankbait.

    A small red dot on your lure may be interpreted as bleeding by fish and they will quickly strike at the lure for an easy meal.

    One top fisherman carries a set of 25 markers to imitate not only bleeding but to imitate smaller fish such as perch, with orange fins, or using a black marker to put a dot on the tail, imitating shad.

  • #5 Pay attention for surrounding wildlife

    Some of the better fishermen look for birds of prey such as herons because they may be fishing for the same fish you are.

    If in Alaska or Montanna, look for signs of dead salmon that have been eaten by bears.

    Of course, you never want to fish in a place where bears are still feeding, but dead fish on the shore are a sure sign that there is plenty of fish in the water.
The bottom line

Fishing is a fantastic recreational sport and whether you do your fishing from an inner tube, an inflatable kayak, a bass boat, or a yacht, it can be all the more fun if you catch fish.

So seriously consider making a small investment in a Hawkeye Fish Finder. It will turn fishing into another level of activity that will make you wonder how you ever dealt without it.