6 Spooky Looking Fish Ready for Halloween

6 Spooky Looking Fish Ready for Halloween

Skeleton and witches and ghosts oh my!

Halloween calls for trying your hardest to look the scariest and spookiest amongst the rest. You put on makeup, a costume, maybe some fake blood to add to the effect. Fish, however, don’t dress up for Halloween of course, in fact some don’t even need to. Their daunting eyes and razor-sharp teeth provide for the creepiest and chilling appearances, all year long.


Check out the 6 spookiest fish who may beat you in that spooky Halloween contest.

1.The Blob Fish

Once voted as the most hideous species, this deformed fish looks as if someone cut a human’s head off and laid it on a platter for dinner like you see in the movies. Its giant blubbery body matches its oversized flanky nose, with lifeless beady eyes staring at you like there is no tomorrow. But don’t worry, this fish is harmless to humans and lives 2,000-3,9000 feet below the ocean. Its fat lazy body sits along the ocean floor, waiting to suck in its dinner. You can assume it will not be getting up to go trick or treating.

2.Devil Fish

Also known as Devil Ray, the devil fish is similar to a sting ray. Their name comes from their Devil-like appearance, equipped with horn-like fins that sit atop their head and help feed on prey. If that doesn’t sound like Halloween, I’m not sure what does. This devil can sure put on a show, they have the ability to flop out of the water like a dolphin, while twisting and turning to show off their skills. These creatures are actually harmless and quite timid, plus they live in water. So in reality, they are nothing compared to the devil besides the obvious creepy horns.


3.Vampire crab

Unsettling? Absolutely. Creepy? No doubt. This vampire crab perfectly matches the essence of Halloween’s colors, and a vampire’s eerie appearance. Their bright yellow eyes stick out from their orange and purple bodies. Their claws latch onto their prey, much like the teeth of a vampire. They won’t burn when they’re out in the sunlight, but they do prefer dark and damp places. Coincidence? We think not.

4. Angler fish

Just the sight of an angler fish might make you weary. Their sharp like teeth resemble the tiny sharp hairs on a spider that our human eyes fail to see. Much like a spider, the female angler is dominant. An angler lures its prey with their dorsal spine atop their head, similar to how a spider lures in prey with their beautiful webs.

5.Goblin shark

The Goblin shark has also been called a Vampire shark for its preference for deep, dark waters that contains virtually no light. It is not dangerous to humans, as vampires might be, simply because they live far away and tend to lurk in the dark shadows. Many people prefer to reference these sharks as ghosts due to their swaying movement and dark eyes that nearly look missing. The Goblin shark may resemble teeth from a goblin, share a similar habitat as a vampire, and look like a ghost, but one thing iss for sure, it definitely fits the Halloween vibe.

6.Sarcastic Fringehead

Perhaps the most frightening and Halloween ready fish, the Sarcastic Fringehead is an extraordinary fish who likes to scare off intruders trespassing on their territory by opening its immense jaws and wrestling with the other fish. I guess no one is getting candy out of him this Halloween. The female lays her eggs in abandoned objects and then leaves the father to watch after the young, perhaps she is going to another Halloween party.

These fish naturally dress for Halloween every day, although many avoid people and can’t witness the holiday in which they fit in most- probably because they don’t want anyone to copy their costume. If you do come across one of these fish, be careful as most are harmless, yet those needle-like teeth could turn on you quick. But if you are a big risk taker and want to catch these bad boys, then get yourself a great fish finder that can scope out the dark ones 240 feet below the surface!