5 Ways to Make Your Fishing Experience More Fun and Exciting

Fishing Experience More Fun and Exciting

Fishing is an excellent sport and hobby, though some may say that it lacks the excitement of other pass times. The great thing about fishing is that it can be as fun and exciting as you want it to be, if you know how to get creative. Better yet is the fact that you'll have an easier time convincing friends and family members that may think fishing is boring to come with you if you know how to spice things up a bit. Let's go over X ways that you can make your fishing trips more fun and exciting.

1. Bring Fun Food

Fishing trips take time, so bringing food is a must in most cases. However, you don't have to pack the same old sandwich every time, you can bring whatever you want. Feel free to let yourself go a bit and pack in some of your fast food favorites, or turn things up a notch and order pizza. There's no rule that you're not allowed to turn a fishing trip into a pizza party after all, and this can be a great incentive for kids who may be reluctant to give fishing a chance.

The point is to bring food that you and your group love. This will make the trip something you'll look forward to not just for the fishing itself, but for the overall experience. You can even combine fishing trips with cheat meals if you're trying to eat health, giving you another reason to enjoy your trip.

You can bring alcohol as well, but you need to do so safely since being intoxicated around water can be deadly. This being the case, saving the drinking for when you're off the boat or off the pier can be a good idea. Wearing life jackets when appropriate is also a good idea whether you're drinking or not.

2. Don't Bring Food (Kill it and Grill it)

On the opposite end of the spectrum you can make a fishing trip more exciting by only eating what you catch. This isn't always practical depending on the location, but if you're shore fishing, out camping, or on your own property, you can make a stipulation about the trip that you'll only eat what you catch.

The goal here is obvious: You'll be much more invested in your catches if that's the only food you're going to get during your trip. This is especially fun in groups since you'll all be waiting to see who brings in the best dinner.

To make this stipulation work, you'll of course need to know how to clean and cook a fish. How you do this is ultimately up to you, but several options include:

  • Cooking over a campfire
  • Using a charcoal grill
  • Using an electric grill (if you have a power source)
  • Deep frying

3. Make Bets

Speaking of stipulations, another great way to make your fishing trip more fun and exciting is to place bets with your group members. These bets can be on anything from who catches the biggest fish, to who ends up loosing the most hooked fish. Literally anything can be a wager if you're creative enough.

One thing to keep in mind here is that you don't want to ruffle any feathers with your groupmates. Keep wagers small, and don't put yourself in a position where you're either losing more money than you can handle, or taking money from someone who really needs it.

Also remember that money isn't the only way to make bets. For children you could offer to buy them a toy they've been wanting if they win, and if you win you'll do some of their chores. Use your imagination and come up with bets that make sense for your fishing group, and make sure that you're not a sore loser if you don't come out on top. Never take a bet that you can't handle losing, that's just common sense.

4. Keep a Fishing Journal

Catching a big fish is a lot of fun, but it's even more fun if you know that it is the biggest fish you've ever caught. To keep track of your catches, keep a fishing journal so that you can compare the fish you catch to your previous catches. This can help keep you motivated, and keep you on edge as you always try to out do yourself.

Your fish journal can be an app on your phone, since those actually exist, or you can do it the old fashioned way with pen, paper, and photographs if you want. Either way, keep up with your catches so you know just how your latest ones stack up against your record.

If you want to take things to the next level you can even start a fishing blog to share your fishing exploits with others while keeping a record of your catches. Alternately, you could even livestream your fishing trips if you want, you'd be surprised at what people are willing to watch on streaming services. Even if you don't do it live, you could always video your best catches and upload them for others, and maybe even make a little money off of them in the process.

5. Use Fishing Electronics

These days there are tons of fancy gadgets and instruments that can make your fishing experience more fun and exciting such as fish finders. The great thing about fish finders is that you don't have to begin your trip using them if you don't want to. It may be more exciting to see if you can find a good spot on your own first, but if you grow frustrated you can always fall back on the fish finder. In any case, being able to actually find and catch fish is more fun that getting frustrated and going home empty handed.  HawkEye FishTrax fish finders.

Another great piece of tech is the electronic fish scale. Not only can these devices accurately weight a fish to the ounce with little effort, they also come with laser guided ultrasound sensors that can accurately tell you the length of your fish. This makes it easy to see who's got the biggest fish if you're having a wager, or easy to record for your fishing journal.

You should also consider taking along a depth finder. This device will tell you the current depth, making it easy to get into position for the type of fish you want to catch. They also typically come equipped with air and water temperature sensors as well, which can be handy when ice fishing. Regardless, having this device will certainly provide you with a better fishing experience.

Have Fun While Staying Safe

The great thing about fishing is that it is such a versatile hobby that lends itself well to new ways to have fun if you're willing to get creative. Whether you're ice fishing, pier fishing, fly fishing, or boat fishing, there are always ways to change things up, and make things more interesting.

Just remember that safety always comes first. Follow the local fishing laws in your area, wear life jackets when you should be wearing them, and use alcohol responsibly. Also be mindful of bringing small children on your fishing trip, as they may not have the patience or understanding to truly grasp the concept, or fully enjoy it. If you do bring children, make sure they are always supervised by an adult.

Anyway, take some time to think about how to spice up your next fishing trip. You can use some of the ides on this list, or you can brainstorm a few of your own. Either way, we hope you stay safe and enjoy your next fishing trip!