Scotty® Transducer Mounting Arm - Track Mount

The TraxMount Transducer Mounting Arm (Track Mount) is specially designed with the kayaker, canoer and small boat owner in mind. It is made from high strength, corrosion-resistant, composite materials. It telescopes from 11.5" to 18" in length, so you have a compact mount without compromising. Its fully adjustable design will allow you to mount from any angle.  Mount the FishTrax display on top with a TraxMount Portable Post Mount.  NOTE:  This mount is only a transducer mounting solution.  If you're looking for an all in one solution, try the TraxMount Kayak Kit.

Compatible With

All HawkEye FishTrax Fish Finders

TraxMount Portable Post Mount

What's Included

Gear Head Track Adapter

Low-Pro 4" Track

Slip Discs for Micro Adjustments.

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