Refurbished ~ OEM Boat Mount Depth Finder

This OEM depth finder is installed on a variety of production boat brands.  It includes the same DepthTrax® sonar specifications as the DepthTrax® 1B, but has the following added features:

White Face Plate

Chrome Bezel

Extruded Rubber Buttons

Blue LED Backlight

Transducer Options


transom mount transducerBlue, Aqua, DaytimeDesign, Diagram, Line


Product, Room, PlasticProduct, Ceiling, MetalText, Chair, Furniture

NOTES: (*) Transom Mounting:  Click Here to Watch the Installation Video    (**) Glue-In Mounting: Glue-In Installation is for NON-CORED hulls or aluminum hulls thinner than 1/8” ONLY.  Glue-in mounting of the transducer is NOT suitable for all vessels.  Click Here to watch the installation video and learn if this is a suitable installation method for your hull.    (***) Thru-Hull Mounting: Requires a 2" Hole to be cut in the hull.  Click Here to Watch the Installation Video 

What is Factory Refurbished

Electronic products are returned for a variety of reasons, many of which are not related to an item's ability to function properly. Such items are no longer sold as "new" and are sold as "Refurbished". The following are examples of products considered "Refurbished": ~ Most major retail superstores offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on their products and there are those consumers that just simply take advantage of that. ~ Items where the box was damaged in shipment. ~ The item was returned because of a slight defect. The defective part was replaced, tested and then repackaged. ~ The item was returned because of a minor cosmetic blemish on the casing that was corrected. Demonstration units. ~ The box was simply opened.  ~  Brand new overstocked items are also labeled Factory Refurbished.  All  Refurbished items have been inspected thoroughly, restored to original specifications (if needed), tested and repackaged for resale.

All Refurbished product is covered by a 90-Day Warranty

What's Included

Display with Described Face Plate & Bezel

In-Dash Mounting Bracket

Choice of Transducer

90 Day Warranty

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