HawkEye Biodegradable Screen Cleaning Wipes

HawkEye® iClear microfiber cleaning cloths make cleaning your fish finder or depth sounder screen effortless and carefree.  Each roll contains 50 multi-use, 100% biodegradable microfiber cloths that can be used to safely clean any LCD screen without the use of harsh chemicals or the fear of scratching.   

Can also be used to clean Sunglasses, Navigation Equipment, Cell Phones, Cameras, Camcorders, LCD & Plasma TV Screens, Computer Monitors, MP3/Music Players, PDA’s, CD’s, DVD’s and More.

Compatible With


All FishTrax™ and DepthTrax® Fish Finders and Depth Sounders
All Legacy HawkEye® Depth Finders and Fish Finders
Any LCD, TFT, LED or Plasma Screen

What's Included

2 Biodegradeable Screen Cleaning Wipe Rolls (50 wipes per roll)

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